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How To Utilize Suggestive AI To Improve Your Email Engagement By More Than 50%

One of the most important skills that sales and marketing teams must develop is the ability to draft effective emails. Many business owners and team leaders resort to mere guesswork when it comes to sending their leads emails, and leave the probability of receiving a response up to chance. When leads receive generic, long, and seemingly irrelevant emails from companies, they are unlikely to open them, let alone respond back to them. Businesses invest a lot of time and effort into crafting emails, and it can be frustrating for all those scarce resources to go to waste. 

With countless numbers of daily emails reaching customers’ inboxes, it can be difficult for business leaders and employees to cut through the noise and capture their customers’ scattered attention. How can you write truly effective emails with data-backed components needed to increase open and response rates? More importantly, how can one do it at scale? Many companies simply don’t have the time and resources to think about and write effective, personalized emails to each of their leads.

With AI technology, marketers can avoid shooting in the dark and aim with precision. Suggestive AI can support your email marketing strategies with its data-backed, actionable suggestions based on millions of historical emails. Your AI assistant will aid you when you are drafting your initial outgoing emails so that you can craft the most effective message to your potential customers. 

SuggestiveAI, our proprietary tool utilizing the power of artificial intelligence and data-backed algorithm, can assist your organization in:

– Providing real-time actionable edits and suggestions as you draft your initial email to ensure that you can have a higher probability of the customer opening and responding to the message. 

– Deliver guided recommendations that understand your personal writing style and adapt accordingly

– Improved workflow and productivity in creating personalized, effective, and engaging messages

Clients who have used SuggestiveAI alongside their AI assistant have seen significant improvements in their results:

  • 56% increase in open rates after utilizing SuggestiveAI’s email subject line recommendations
  • 63% increase in open rates after implementing SuggestiveAI’s suggested changes to lead’s demographics and firmographics
  • 22% increase in conversion rate, attributable to recommendations that were related to optimizing the length of outgoing messages (the tool found 41 – 85 words were most optimal)

As more and more businesses adopt and implement artificial intelligence into their marketing and sales teams, the ones that have the most efficient workflows and effective lead qualification processes will rise above the competition. Rather than guessing which combinations of words will be most effective, allow SuggestiveAI to take over the time-consuming and difficult part of email marketing. 

By giving your marketing and sales teams the ability to craft effective emails with data-backed suggestions, your business can enjoy quick and effective email creation, which helps you qualify leads at scale, and save the time and energy of your employees to invest in more important business objectives. Your leads will receive more personalized and relevant emails, which will boost open rates and response rates. Remove uncertainty from email marketing and learn to harness the power of artificial intelligence through SuggestiveAI.

To learn more about SuggestiveAI and get started, click here.


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