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LED Showers with Chromotherapy: The Effect of Colored Lights on Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, or Mental levels

Colored LED lights are a common feature in many pool resorts these days. It sure makes for an attractive feature for an otherwise common facility. What most people don’t appreciate though is that these lights don’t just make the pool look pretty. They also give additional benefits to people’s emotional spiritual and mental well-being.

Color Therapy

Chromotherapy also called “color therapy,” because it literally uses colors to create a therapeutic environment and even help cure certain diseases. Here is the rationale: colors are basically light waves that are perceived differently by the human eye based on their wavelengths. Simply put, light that travels in different wavelengths appears to us as different colors.

It is believed that these different wavelengths of light produce unique electromagnetic energy (different light waves produce different colors and different intensities in vibrations) which, if focused on specific problematic parts of the body, can alleviate or cure them. Chromotherapy does precisely this.

Corroboration with Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic methods of treatment associate the ailments of the physical body with imbalances in the spiritual aspect. Humans have seven “chakras” or spiritual centers, and each is assigned a color. Imbalances can be corrected if a person is exposed to the specific colors associated with his/her ailment.

Although chromotherapy has yet to be universally accepted as a scientifically sound treatment for various ailments, it cannot be denied that colors do bring about emotional reactions from people.

  • Red is associated with energy, excitement, and sensuality.
  • Cool colors like blue and green are calming not just to our eyes but also to our mind and emotions. That’s why after staring too long at a computer screen we tend to look outside to the blue sky to relax our eyes.
  • White is also calming, but for other people, too much white results in sensory deprivation.
  • Yellow is associated with cheer and vigor. This color is recommended to combat depression.
  • Violet promotes peace of mind and relaxation of the mind and body.

Chromotherapy In Sync with Hydrotherapy

The old method of chromotherapy involved wrapping the body, or the part that is ailing, with colored silk. The person then stands outside under the sun. The natural light filters through the silk and produces a specific color intended for the treatment. Today, there is a much more comfortable and time-efficient method of doing chromotherapy: combining it with hydrotherapy, basically turning your shower into a color therapy environment.

Shower fixtures today have gotten more sophisticated and inclined towards holistic wellness. Hence, we can now have an LED shower and enjoy the full benefits of chromotherapy and hydrotherapy! Showers that are designed specifically for this purpose will also have other built-in features intended to heighten the experience. Aside from flashing colored lights, there can be different shower settings (to change the water flow) such as rain, waterfall or mist spray. This can even go further with a wall-mounted body shower, which can give you high-pressure sprays for a satisfying water massage.

A simple shower can be so much more than just routine body cleansing or cooling-down. You can also take the opportunity to relax your mind, heart and spirit, thanks to modern fixtures mentioned above.


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