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5 ways LED Billboards can benefit your business

LED may be the offspring of the regular TV or LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen but it has revolutionized business due to its numerous applications that can increase sales, improve the workplace as well as have more productive employees. The lowering of the cost of LED while at the same time an improvement in its performance and aesthetics just made it a highly-reliable tool for small and large businesses.

Strategically placed, it is eye-catching, delivers the intended message effectively, and is highly-memorable when compared to the usual print ad which is static and requires it to be taken down and replaced manually.

Businesses with the goal of expansion can use these advantages that LED billboards can offer:

1. Energy savings

When it comes to the economy, LED can reduce energy consumption by as much as 50%. Just by simply changing the billboards to LED, businesses can have an 80% to 90% energy savings, If you compare it even further to incandescent and fluorescent lamps which is cheaper and have dominated the previous decades, LED offers so much more in savings for the total overhead cost of running and maintaining a business. A fluorescent bulb can last for 8,000 hours while LEDs can last 25,000 hours.

2. Eco-friendly

LED has been shown to be free of industrial toxins such as mercury and lead. This results in less chemical pollutants in the environment. A reduction in pollution results in the need for less carbon credits needed to offset emissions. There is also research that suggests LED to be good for plant growth as it does not emit much heat that can have a negative impact.

3. Reliable and lower maintenance cost

The parts of an LED billboard are made of high-grade materials and it also has a longer life span. There’s almost no need for maintenance. This translates to lesser bulb changes throughout its lifetime which can be 10 years or more.

4. Health Benefits

In buildings or businesses where LED is used, there are fewer reported complaints of headache and eyestrain both for the workers and customers. It can also be used as light therapy to improve mood, increase energy levels, and treat anxiety and depression. Even though the light source is artificial, it may still have an important role in regulating hormone levels which affect the mood. Healthy staff means less absence which translates to better work productivity.

LED light closely resembles that of natural light so it can be effective in influencing the sleep-wake cycle to follow a normal rhythm. It can also trigger the production of hormones that are essential to the body’s production of Vitamin D.

5. It gives a business a professional appearance

Due to its high resolution, brightness and better contrast, it can present ads with more impact and give a more professional look to the brand. It also makes ads more memorable which increases a company or product’s name recognition. Combined with a location that is high-traffic and high-converting ads, outdoor LED billboards can give a product or brand tremendous growth opportunities.

Using LED billboards and lights for business is generally better overall as ads can be displayed dynamically. With just a controller, individual LED tiles can appear as a single canvas for ads or show simultaneously different displays. More than just an eye-catcher, it is an investment that pays dividends through increased employee productivity, less maintenance cost, a longer lifetime, and accrued savings in operational cost.

Whether the billboard is for the warehouse, as a signage to increase customer awareness, or to be used as a means of efficient communication in the workplace, it is worth exploring these benefits to take your business to the next stage of its evolution.

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