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How Media Companies in New York are Gaining Popularity

New York is a major hub for news outlets, media and entertainment companies, as well as social media platforms. In fact, New York City is often called the media capital of the world. Many of the top media corporations are headquartered in New York, and are influential all over the world. Some of the most popular media companies in New York consist of television networks, film studios, streaming platforms, newspapers, record companies, social media giants, and large publishing houses.

These media companies in New York gain popularity through many ways. Let’s explore how media companies in New York are gaining popularity.

Social Media Platforms

The rise of new social media platforms, such as TikTok, have seen exponential growth over the last year. Content creators have the ability to create original video content all from the palm of their hand with smartphones, making an abundance of content available for users. At TikTok alone, the New York City hashtag has over 4.4 billion views.

Many of social media’s hottest influencers live in New York City, with millions of followers viewing their content on a daily basis. Social media platforms in New York are gaining so much activity and popularity due to brand deals, pop-up events, and advertising.

Streaming Services

New York billboards play a major role in advertising for top streaming services. Netflix, for example, had a very successful ad campaign in Times Square with their use of billboards. To promote their upcoming festival, Netflix had a billboard campaign with the message “Netflix is a Joke” written on the signs in big letters. This ended up being a great tactic because it reached a wide audience who loved the self-deprecating humor of the ads. Also, this use of humor helped viewers to remember the ad, and think about it later, which ultimately draws more and more people to the platform.

Television and Cable Networks

As for television and cable networks, many of these companies use social media, commercials, and advertisements to gain popularity and views for their shows. For example, BBC World used a corner billboard in New York City to gain more attention for their show. The billboard featured an advertisement that used both sides of the billboard. One side said “See both sides…”, and the other said “of the story.” This creative advertising technique was a great way to capture people’s attention and to keep them engaged, while also promoting the theme of their network.

In the heart of Times Square, ABC’s Good Morning America has a supersign that has a wide range of innovative features. This is a must-see for anyone visiting NYC. Many talk shows and news shows like this one also allow live audiences for their shows and tapings. In fact, usually over 100 different television shows are taped in New York each year. This is a fun and engaging way for people to be a part of the action, and is a great technique for media companies to use when trying to gain popularity.

Another way media companies gain popularity in NYC is through their connections with actors, actresses, celebrities, and singers. Many media companies either feature interviews with top celebrities or they use social media influencers to work with and promote their network or brand.

Film Companies

Similar to television, many film companies are also finding ways to gain popularity in New York. For example, one of the most iconic ways the film “The Grinch” found a rise in interest was through an outdoor advertising campaign.

This campaign featured billboards with quotes from the Grinch himself. Usually the billboards were the famous Grinch-green, which made them stand out, and the quotes were full of humor. In New York, one billboard said “Rude. Loud. Angry. New Yorkers are my kind of people.” This got people’s attention and connected with New Yorkers on a personal level, through humor, making it an effective ad campaign and ultimately was a driving factor in the popularity of the movie.

Music and Record Companies

As for music, several of the top music labels are located in New York including Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and MTV. These media companies often promote their artists and record in NYC through live outdoor concerts and performances all across the city. Whether it is a festival, a parade, or a spot on a television show, these companies are able to gain exposure from concert-goers, as well as views from all across the country through televised events.

All in all, many media companies in New York are gaining popularity and the key is to be creative.

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