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11 Mistakes To Avoid When Networking At a Telecom Event

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” — N. Hill

A telecom event can open up doors for new opportunities. Professional connections are important and powerful factors for any business. Being able to effectively network at a telecom event is crucial.

In our modern times, referrals can help you build and grow your business more effectively than ever before. Thus, you should be well aware of widespread mistakes and avoid making them while networking at a telecom event.

Networking Mistakes To Avoid At A Telecom Industry Meeting

When networking at a telecom event, do not make the following mistakes:

  1. Not Meeting People In person

David Strom, networking and communications technology expert, says face-to-face communication is more important than contacting online. According to Ruth Mantell, research and content officer, people rely on the Internet too much.

Don’t forget to take your business cards with you. Introduce yourself and meet new people with who you share common grounds.

  1. Not Considering Connection A Lifestyle

You should be rational and open to your key contacts. This should be a lifestyle. Be aware of the latest news and risks.

You should keep your finger on the pulse. Be well informed about current news and events. This will help you be an engaging personality and make your conversations more valuable.

  1. Not Taking Your Time

Jeff Haden, author and speaker, suggests taking some time to get to know your networking contacts. You shouldn’t hurry to get too much too quickly.

Try to connect with more people. Find out what skills you can offer your new contacts, and don’t focus on what you can expect from them just right away. Build a meaningful future for your business.

Not answering all the questions at the event, you will make your contacts need further communication with you.

  1. Wasting Time On Meaningless Connections and Cards

Business coach Chad Coe believes your goal should be meeting enough people at the event who will inspire you and impact your business in the future.

You should ask questions to get answers you’re interested in. Ask politely for a contact’s card and whether you can stay in touch with him/her.

Telecom meetings aren’t organized for making sales presentations or telling stories about your life.  These are opportunities to spend purposeful time with prospective contacts. Be more focused.

  1. Not Being Specific

You should be more specific about your abilities and skills. Your contacts need to know who you are and who they are referring to.

According to chief executive Scot Melland of Dice Holdings, you should know what you want. Your contacts aren’t interested in the things that aren’t related to your professional career.

  1. Neglecting Personal Branding

According to Emdad Khan, graduate consultant at 3 Minute Mile, you should work on your personal branding. You should be armed with a high degree of self-awareness. The more you understand yourself, the better you’ll understand both your capabilities and shortcomings.

This will help you feel more confident and comfortable while connecting with key contacts.

  1. Being Unprofessional

LinkedIn and other social networking sites give you the opportunity to easily network and introduce yourself. However, there are many people who do this in an unprofessional way.

David Strom suggests devoting enough time to improving your profile and developing your network. Keep profiles that are relevant to your industry. Have all these links on your business card and email signature.

  1. Being Impatient

According to Success Coaching, a career coaching website, the lack of patience when holding a conversation with your contact is among the biggest mistakes. You shouldn’t aim at selling your product from the very beginning. Just aim to connect.

You should have enough patience and put enough efforts to build relationships with a key contact. Concentrate on the person and figure out the ways leading to your further communication.

Remember questions are more valuable than statements. Questions help others feel more involved in the conversation.

  1. Not Following Up With Your Contacts

Emdad Khan notes it is important to follow through with your networking contacts. Don’t expect others to come to you. Be motivated.

You should take further steps to enhance effectiveness and future success. Take the next steps to further a key connection.

You should stay in touch with your key contacts, continue your relationships and develop a good network. Later, you can email your networking contacts and give them a call to arrange a new meeting. However, be careful not to annoy them.

  1. Being Rude

According to, you should never forget about being grateful and kind. Not being thankful to a person creates a negative impression. Show your appreciation to your professional contacts.

Don’t fail to be polite. Showing disinterest and disregard will make you impolite. Concentrate on the present interaction. Avoid simultaneously surfing the net via your mobile device or scanning the room while you’re having a conversation with your contact.

  1. Not Looking Professional

Do your best to dress appropriately so to look professional. Dan Woog, writer and speaker, says you should dress professionally and avoid looking awkward.

By looking and acting professionally, you can convince your key contacts you are ready to work.

Telecom industry meetings build bridges between projects, companies, and professionals in the field. Don’t miss your chance of achieving your career excellence.


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Jessica Lawrence is a PR manager at TelecoDays, global telecom event bringing together telecom experts from around the world. Her field of interest included telecommunications and modern technologies.

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