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How important is 5G for businesses?

Businesses are embracing digitalization with 5G which is the most happening thing as they are looking to future-proof their applications and systems and realizing the full potential of 5G with cutting edge business mobility solutions. On the road to achieving significant benefits from 5G, network providers play the real masters with expertise in 5G deployment to give better Quality of Experience (QoE) to their users which include businesses. Besides, they are quick in their actions to club various digital technologies together and enhance their network offerings after conducting several 5G speed tests aimed at building and strengthening the digital business environment and at the same time, bring value to such organizations.

Key features of 5G technology

  • Ultra-high-data speed connections – 5G wireless is faster than 4G and has the potential to reach 10 gigabits/second which attracts many businesses comprising all industry verticals. Data generated and transferred by industries is increasing rapidly daily. As 5G promises to deliver ultra-high-speed data connections, transferring a huge amount of data would become just a matter of seconds unlike continuing for hours or maybe days as businesses used to do a few years back.
  • Upgraded capacity – Businesses are utilizing more and more office devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones, and other critical equipment. As per estimates, 5G deployments can support 1 mn (million) connected devices every 0.38 sq. miles. Enterprise networks built on 5G can host devices in huge numbers and handle data transfer simultaneously round the clock due to its larger frequency band.
  • Minimal response time due to low latency – One of the crucial features of 5G is that it has the shortest lag time compared to previous generation networks such as 4G and 3G. Having said that, 5G latency will permit businesses to process faster and communicate between devices in real-time even remotely.

How will 5G gear up businesses?

Broadening 5G capabilities with not just enhanced speed, bandwidth, low latency, increase in data traffic, and non-stop network integration but also few more benefits as given below that organizations are considering while making 5G as a priority and making significant investments:

  • Automation of factories – 5G is acting as a catalyst for industries like manufacturing, mining, giving rise to smart factories across the globe with many of them building their own private 5G network. The fifth-generation technology could alter wired Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and even 4G LTE networks that are required to connect various kinds of devices in factories. 5G not only provides fast and secure network connectivity but also enables the smart factory with agile operational methods, flexible production, applying industrial solutions like automation of warehouses, automated packaging, and product handling. Automation, IoT, and AI when combined with 5G technology can enhance production efficiency for businesses with full speed, zero downtime, and real-time connection among devices all the time.
  • Managing critical operations remotely and distance working – Since the wake of coronavirus disease, many businesses have been working virtually due to national lockdown. Remote working is dependent on excellent mobile connectivity which is where 5G plays its part. With 5G, businesses can operate their critical business functions, communicate with employees, for e.g., through video conferencing, provide updates, and many more activities just sitting in any part of the world even in remote rural locations. In addition, businesses can save their expenses on rental and office infrastructure. Mobile network operators (MNOs) have stepped in to fasten 5G deployments to serve such business-critical needs and impart network connectivity to enterprise customers and businesses in situations like COVID-19. They performed 5G network testing in various locations, cities, towns, and rural areas, as many employees shifted from their workplace to their respective homes during the lockdown.
  • Faster execution of resources with edge computing – What happens when computing is done at the edges through a 5G network instead of managing it centrally 24X7? Transmissions will be faster than before with reduced response time and can support hundreds of interlinked devices (IoT devices) within the company in one go. A 5G network architecture developed on the cloud to manage data sources near its location with local edge servers has several other benefits like minimising site congestion, enhance overall performance and protect user data.
  • Provide top-notch Customer Experience (CX) – 5G brings exciting opportunities for businesses as it can be harnessed to dramatically change the experience that they provide to customers. New-age technologies such as Augmented Reality / Virtual reality (VR) are being used by many businesses including retailers to show their products from different angles to customers virtually which requires a high-bandwidth and ultra-high-speed network. 5G is paving the way for giving their customers immersive experiences where lag time is virtually zero and motivates their decisions in purchasing products/services without being present at the location. Further, it increases sales channels for businesses as it enhances their selling ability to an expanded range of customers.


5G is open for any business. It’s just that businesses need to look into various aspects of 5G innovation so that it can be an asset and allow them to reap significant benefits. With the need to expand new 5G use cases, mobile operators are also playing their part to accelerate 5G deployment worldwide and enable 5G services to businesses and consumers. The opportunities that 5G holds for businesses are continuously growing which makes 5G a crucial technology that has unprecedented capabilities to enrich companies with improved productivity and create new revenue streams as they sail their businesses through the 5G network.

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