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10 Google-like Search Engines You Must Try

Google’s market share is 63.9%. Now that is a lot, but it does leave 36.1% up for the other search engines. So why isn’t everybody using Google? There are a lot of reasons. For some, it’s a case of privacy. They don’t want Google to know everything about them.

For others it’s about getting unbiased results, as using Google for all your searches will end up biasing your searches in certain directions. For yet others, they simply continue to use the same default search that comes pre-set with their installed browser.

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Whatever the reason, there are a lot of other tools. Today we’re going to look at a few so that if in the future Google gets hacked and the internet crashes, you know an alternative.


Bing – which is owned by Microsoft – is the second biggest search engine, at 20.7%. The search engines have some unique features, like allowing you to see all the IP addresses associated with a domain, where it really and truly rocks is in video searches, where it actually generally beats Google out of the water.


If you want to stay private, then this is the search engine for you, as this is the main promise that they make – that they’ll keep your data private. And that is nothing to be sneezed at in this world of ever increasing invasions into our private lives by governments as well as black hat hackers.

Because the question you should ask yourself, as the government takes ever more of our liberties away isn’t, ‘what will this government do with the power they have’ but ‘what will the worst government that can get into power do with the powers government now has’. And that’s not a pretty thought at all.


This one has been around for a long time and actual curates links from different search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Yandex into one overview. Dogpile is a  useful alternative if you want to search through multiple search engines with one search and get all your data collected in one place.

Sometimes you want to ask something of an algorithm. And sometimes you want to hear what an actual person has to say. If you’ve got a question that leans more towards the latter category, then hit up, which is a search engine slash question and answer community.

The big advantage here is that if the question has been asked and answered, then when you reask the question the information you get is straight to the point, well rounded, and gives you the information you need. All things that Google occasionally struggles with.


Once Yahoo was the undisputed king. Now a very much also-ran, yahoo has partnered up with MSN to offer their searches in an admittedly pleasing format.

One of the advantages that Yahoo certainly has is that they are at least equal on pictures with Google. This means that if you’re struggling to find new source material on the Google website because you’ve already used all the pictures that fit your niche, try the same searches on Yahoo and you might find just that image that you’re looking for (that hasn’t been used 10,000 times already).

Wolfram Alpha

Wolram Alpha is primarily about math. That doesn’t mean it’s primarily for math Geeks, however. You see, it does the math, so you don’t have to. In this way you can find our relationships between different things, what the better price is, what is actually the best car, how to analyze data, how to deal with a financial problem, linguistics and far, far more.

As long as it can be mathematically worked out, Wolfram Alpha can provide you the answer.  Heck, it even has dozens of categories with suggested questions already provided, so that you can learn things that you didn’t even know you didn’t know (and that is, let’s be honest about it, the biggest area in all of our ignorance).


This is another one of those search engines that’s all about privacy, in that it stores none of the searches that you do. That’s right, there are no cookies, they don’t save queries and the list goes on. So ixquick another great choice if you don’t want people nosing through what you’re looking for.

This service also has the possibility for you to search images and videos and is the default search engine of the TOR browser.


We’ve discussed privacy, but we haven’t really discussed uncensored content. If that’s what you’re after, then try Giburu. Yes, that’s right, most of the search engines out there censor your content. And if you’re not looking for porn, that’s for a good reason.

After all, Rule 35 states ‘if you can think of it, somebody’s made porn about it’ and that is actually truer than you can ever imagine. Don’t believe me? Give Giburu a try and see for yourself! Go on, I dare you.

Internet Archive

This is a great search engine that lets you find websites in past iterations. This can be useful if you once wrote some love poetry on a site that went down and you think you can’t find back (you can). Or if you’re looking for some action that you’re looking for but seems to have gotten scrubbed. In both cases, you can find it back using the Internet Archive.

That makes it an exceptionally useful resource for doing in-depth research about companies past. It also means that nothing you ever put up on the internet ever goes away. So you’ve got to be careful.


This – Russian bases – search engine is actually the fourth largest in the world, with over 150 million search engines. Did you know that? I didn’t. Yandex is actually a good competitor to Google, offering you a lot of the same services, including mail, mobile apps, Cloud storage and analytics.

So, if you no longer want to work with a US based company, why not work with a Russian one instead? I can’t promise that it will make you more private, but at least if anybody ends up looking at what you’re doing, then it will be a whole different group of people finding out about your porn preferences!

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