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The Domination of Mobile Ads: Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

In today’s technologically-savvy, fast-paced lifestyle, mobile capability has become more than just a trend. In fact, 77% of the United States’ population are smartphone owners. You use your smartphone not just for calls and messages, as it also now allows you to access unlimited information and shop for the things you need.

Social media is another platform that takes advantage of the power of mobile. A report showed that 61% of social media activities are accessed via a mobile device, with billions of active users on Facebook, and millions more on Instagram and Twitter.

It’s now quite apparent that businesses that neglect advertising and promotions for mobile devices are losing potential revenue. And it’s not just hype, as mobile advertisement on social media can generate more than 1% click-through rate compared to traditional display ads.

Aside from being seen by a wide range of prospects, there are a lot of other advantages to implementing mobile ads. Geo-targeting and data matching have allowed advertisers to create targeted ads with relevant information based on a particular user’s location and online behavior.

Since customer data can now be easily extracted and extrapolated, it’s now easier for advertisers to create personalized ads or messages as well. This can help in engaging with your customer better and getting their interest and attention.

Mobile ad on social media is also cost-effective since there are different types of ads available, which can be targeted to a specific audience. Of course, careful planning of which digital channels to use to get the best ROI is also needed. It’s an effective strategy for business growth in today’s digital era.

This infographic from Connext Digital features a collection of the most recent statistics and facts about mobile advertising.

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