Business Visitor Management System: The Benefits and Importance

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Why Schools Are Switching To Visitor Management Systems?

Schools always need to protect their students and staff from all kinds of threats, be it an internal one or an external one. With news of violence within the school premises or threats from intruders making news headlines, school authorities have considered installing smart visitor management systems like iLobbyWith the development of technology, systems like visitor management systems can do away with the paper sign-in process.

Now with the whole world under the grasp of Coronavirus, it has become even more essential to monitor each staff, students, and visitors entering the school premises. To manage and monitor every visitor entering the school, visitor management software could be of great help. Even before the pandemic, this software helped to track, manage, and monitor every person entering the premises.

Now, monitoring every student and staff entering the premises is mandatory. The reason is pretty simple. It would reduce the exposure of people to the deadly virus in the school premises. Also, the system would help in tracking the whereabouts of the visitor entering the school building.

Why implement a visitor management system in schools? – True North PHP

Reasons to Install Visitor Management Software in A School

Well, there are many more reasons through which visitor management software could turn helpful for a school. Without further ado, let’s take a look at how it could be helpful.

  • Visitor Management Serves As a Deterrent to Unwanted Guests

Now, it’s time to bid goodbye to paper sign-in sheets or notebooks. Introducing software like iLobby could be of great help. It would not only ensure a contactless entry but will also fetch the necessary data of the visitors from their driving license or other ID Card.

In today’s scenario, paperless signing in is important.

At the same time, having visitor management software installed within the school can offer the first line of defense from suspicious characters. Well, unless a guest or a visitor shows their ID and it’s verified by the school authorities, they won’t be allowed to enter the school. Hence, any visitor with a bad motive would think twice before entering the school premises.

Visitor management software properly scans the driver’s license or ID card before they are allowed entry. It’s installed at the entry point of the gate. Hence, a visitor would need to pass through the kiosk to get access to the school. In comparison to a paper sign-in process, this kind of software is much safer. Unlike a paper sign-in where a guest can easily skip entering his/her name, this chance gets nullified with software for visitor management.

In short, visitor management software can provide a secured look to a school premise. Hence, a miscreant would think twice before entering it.

  • Visitor Management System Offers Detailed Reporting

One of the important features of a visitor management system is its ability to screen people. The software is designed to store records of the visitors entering the premises at a certain time and also leaving the premises. In short, it allows the school authorities to keep an electronic trail of the guests or visitors on site.

In the event of any emergency at school, it would help to check if all the visitors have left the premise or not. After all, a visitor management system like iLobby can act as an attendance report for the guests. Hence, tracking their entry time or exit time becomes very easy. At the same time, it would help the authorities to know the visiting person or the driving license number of the guest.

In the event of any emergencies, it can be ensured if the guest has left the building. Even if they haven’t left the premise, they could be easily tracked down and escorted out safely.

Visitor Management System: The Benefits and Importance

  • Create a Watch List and Prevent Unauthorized Entry

Imagine the scenario. An authorized guest sneaks into the school premises and gives death threats. Or even worse, he/she creates a ruckus inside the school. This kind of situation can put the safety of the students and staff members in question. On the other hand, with incidents like shooting inside the school is a concern for the parents. To offer parents complete peace of mind and prevent such incidents from happening, proper security measures need to be taken.

A visitor management tool can help to prevent such trouble. It can apprehend a trouble-monger and stop them from entering the school. The name of the miscreant could be entered into the server of the system. As a result, whenever the doubtful person shows his/her ID card, the name of the person would flash in the ‘No-Entry’ list. It would become easy for the staff to deny the person from any entry pass.

  • Visitor Management Software Make It Easy to Differentiate Between Guest and Staff

A school knows the staff members very well. However, knowing every vendor or contractor entering the school is not possible. The Visitor Management System can issue ID badges to these vendors; hence, allowing them to move across a certain area and avoid entering restricted places.

Now that you know how visitor management software like iLobby can keep a school secured, why not install it for your school? Technology like a visitor management software should be used to safeguard every individual within the premise.

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