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Top Ten Mental Health Apps – Offering New Hope and Encouragement

 Battling mental illness can be overwhelming especially when affording therapy becomes a challenge. Mental health apps are coming into limelight these days as most Nations are carrying individuals who tend to suffer from stress, anxiety, depression & a lot more. The unstable economy, unemployment, inflation, extreme work pressure is some reasons that are forcing the humankind to operate beyond their limits; thereby pushing them towards mental darkness. However, a Healthcare Mobile App is a technology that can offer virtual support to those in need.

To understand the need for Mental Health App in today’s tumultuous times, it is necessary to look at the statistics. Every year nearly 49.3 million adults are diagnosed with mental health issues in USA amidst which 10.9 million carry serious conditions. Mood disorders like depression are often seen in adults aged 18 to 44. By this, it can be very well apprehended that how beneficial is the emergence of the applications especially for those individuals who are not very comfortable in receiving direct therapy due to the stigma attached to mental illness in the society.

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Top Ten Applications

In context to traditional therapy, digital tools like Apps for Mental Health are the best supplementary treatment as these are highly-regarded in today’s times.

  • Mood Kit – If you are in need of CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, then this app will be the most beneficial as it includes more than 200 mood enhancement activities. Starting from the development of self-awareness & transforming your thought process, this is one of the Best Mental Health Apps. The app helps you in jotting down negative thoughts & also helps you realize the importance of self-care.
  • Quit That – Be it drug, smoking, alcohol, or Smartphone addiction, addiction of any kind can be harmful to the human body. Beating compulsions & obsessions have become highly attainable by individuals who use this application. This recovery tools lets you observe your progress that can be quite self-empowering.
  • Breathe 2 Relax – Many life coaches & spiritual teachers stress on Breathing. They say that paying attention to your breathing can solve any issue in your life. One of the Therapy App that is making its way in the digital world is Breathe 2 Relax that can help you manage stress in the best manner. It includes numerous breathing exercises that promote mood stabilization & anger control. This app is applicable for both Android & iOS devices.
  • Self-Help for Anxiety Management – A free app by a Mobile App Development Company, this is suitable for both Android & iOS. It helps you to fabricate anxiety tool-kits in the 24 hour format through which anxious behavior can be tracked. There are more than 25 self-help methods & practices are elaborately given. Not only this, but the app comes with a feature called “Social Cloud” through which you can separately communicate with various other users and reach out for some additional support. The information that you pass always remains confidential.
  • Lantern – If you or any of your close friend or acquaintance is seeking for Mental Stability, then you can come to their great help by recommending them to use this app. This is a Smartphone & web-based platform that offers users with the assistance of real experts and also incorporate various CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques. Social life, body, sleep, stress & mood are those five areas on which each user need to take assessment tests for understanding their weaknesses & strengths. As per the users’ requirements & results of the test, daily exercises are assigned to them. The users are also matched with expert coaches who have received training in CBT.
  • Bipolar Disorder Connect – Bipolar disorder is a mental problem that can be quite hard to handle. However, with the help of Apps For Mental Health like these, you can connect with numerous people from all over the globe suffering from the same disorder. Right from monitoring your mood, correcting yourself to sharing updates, tracking tools inside the app lets you rediscover yourself.
  • Code Blue – Teenagers sometimes go through depression due to peer pressure, obesity, parental abuse, verbal abuse & a lot more. But with the Depression App called Code Blue, they can receive instant support. In the support group, you as a user can select the various contacts. An alert will be passed on to the group once you require instant help. Members can even call or text you.
  • Optimism – Such a powerful word yet hard to comprehend in today’s life, isn’t it? Be it any kind of mental disorder like PTSD, depression, anxiety & bipolar disorder, this Optimism App emphasizes on self-tracking. Identifying triggers with this app is easier as it helps in detecting change or update in the mood patterns. How you cope with each of your mood can also be charted with the help of a wellness plan that will be customizable. This application can be downloaded on iOS, Mac OSX & Windows.
  • Stigma – Each one of us have some emotions that we are always dependent on. This can be good or harmless as well. However, people struggling with mental illnesses always seek out for attaining Mental Stability which is now possible with the help of this app. The application runs on the cloud technology that helps users identify the words they use the most while feeling morose. It also helps users to communicate with other members through messaging.
  • Rise up & Recover – There are several people with eating disorders and this can be a huge issue if not treated properly. One of the best Mental Health Apps is Rise up & recover that helps users to track the meals. They can also note down how they feel when they eat or think of skipping a meal and revert to various coping strategies.

Summing it up

Make your way towards a healthy & happy life and say goodbye to all mental disorders with the help of the Apps for Mental Health. There is always room for hope & recovery.

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