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Technology is a Major Deterrent to Toddler Development

Studies have shown that kids addicted to smartphones and touchscreen have resulted in low muscle tone and weak limbs.

In the last few decades, technology has brought about some major disruptions in lifestyles and has also impacted the operations of a number of industries. This evolution has resulted in positive developments by reducing human interventions in areas like healthcare. However, technology innovations such as smartphones and other touchscreen gadgets have also severely impacted the growth of toddlers, especially kids aged between 2 to 6. Despite this alarming situation, things go unnoticed until the impact is physically visible on children.

Smartphone penetration has been increasing at a faster pace with greater demand for touchscreen handsets. The commodity which was earlier considered a luxury is now treated as a necessity only because everyone wants to be virtually present either on social media or other applications. This has also substituted social gathers and has become a new medium of passing time bypassing television.

Kids too are drawn towards smartphones for playing games and watching videos. Often, the habit turns into an addiction. As a result, kids stop indulging in other physical activities such as outdoor games, pencil art, drawings, and other entertainment. This leads to sedentary lifestyle cropping up other health issues in children.

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Harmful effects of technology on toddlers

According to a research study conducted by researchers, children addicted to smartphones find it difficult to even hold pencils. Smartphones are used as pacifiers and are convenient babysitters. However, weak figure muscles cause an inability to hold pencils.

Children coming to school in their early years are given pencils to do writing activities which they are unable to hold correctly. This shows the lack of participation of children in traditional activities like building blocks, stringing beads, coloring among others.

As parenting is a complex task, parents tend to pacify kids needs by handing them Ipads or other tablets which are full of informative content and games. But, it needs to be highlighted that Ipad will strictly slow the growth of children. These technology solutions can be used to help a child learn poems and other informative stuff, but its usage needs to be controlled which in reality does not happen.

Another cause of concern is the blue light emitted from the phones which result in headaches, eye strain, weakens eyes and might even cause permanent damage.

Technology has also suppressed the motor skills that are highly beneficial for children for their overall wellbeing. This might also result in chronic disease such as dyslexia. Further, it has changed the way kids socialize and interact as social media websites. These also cause low self-esteem and can create negative moods.

Key solutions for kids

As the effects of technology are severing on kids and their physical wellbeing, solutions that can reverse or eliminate the impact needs to be followed. Some of the key solutions for parents include-:

  • Inculcating a culture of playing outdoor games that involve physical pressure and mental brainstorming at schools and homes.
  • Increasing social interactions, family get-togethers, and picnics to involve children in different activities and control the use of mobile phones.
  • Enrolment of kids in different extracurricular activities like dancing, running, swimming and other exercising regimes are required.
  • As completely eliminating the use of a smartphone is not possible, applications that can highlight the time spent on phones and control the same can be installed.
  • Spend time with kids to understand their likings and interest in sports and keep them on the path to master that sport.
  • Setting a good example as a parent by limiting the usage of phone and saving the Netflix sessions for the night when the kids are asleep.


To conclude, it must be highlighted that technology is a vital part these days in the long term to develop and grow both for toddlers and adults. There is no other substitute but one must control and set limits as to how much is considered normal. For kids, parents are their biggest mentors which can guide them to the right path. When they are in their growing age, adequate care must be taken for them to spread their wings wide. Any negligence or just to pacify kids, don’t let technology come in way of their overall holistic growth.

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