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Top 7 Earphones For Best Music Quality

There are so many earphones options available in the market. Each individual has its own requirements based on his/her usage. Some prefer a comfortable earpiece while some need better sound quality. A few would be using earphones only to keep their hands-free while talking and the techies would want the latest technology. It becomes very obvious to get confused between the latest and the best earphones. In facts, it is not necessary that all latest products are the best hence giving a close look at the features and quality is a good idea. Make sure to pick the ear phones that fulfill your need better.

If you are looking for an earphone that has great music quality? Here we have listed some of the best earphones for you.

1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone

If you are a music lover you will probably fall in love this earphone. 1More Triple Driver is Chinese company product and has the best sound quality for the spend of $100.

A well-designed earphone with aluminum finish and kevlar reinforced cable to defy cord noise when hitching against the clothes. This sleek design ear-buds comes with a silicon and foam ear-tips ensuring a proper fit in the ears. The cord has three inline buttons controlling sound/calls and intrinsic microphone that is compatible with both the Android and Apple phones. Each ear-bud carries a single dynamic driver and two balanced armature drivers hence justifying the name Triple Driver In-earphone. The Ohmic resistance is 32 Ohms.

The Triple Driver’s sound is nicely detailed hence the sound is clear and rich. It has plenty of bass energy and will be loved by the HI-Fi admirer. It has an external noise blocking ability and a really high standard giving consideration to its price value. You must consider buying this if you have tight budget but dint want to compromise the quality.

RHA T20i

This is a phenomenal earphone designed to enable you a high-quality music and sound. You get a customization filter to choose from the filters like Bass, Treble and Reference. Each of these filters is great sounding and easy to swap between. RHA T20i is amazing ear-bud that is attracting all the Audiophiles.

The earphones are designed giving a black aluminum finish along with an all black cord and termination. You are given a silver color option too. This earphone features ear hook with memory wire making it comfortable when put in ears. The over-ear design helps in cutting down the additional noise. These earphones work only with the IOS device. A full control of volume, playback and calls can be done using the ear-bud.

The RHA T20i is an impressive design with superior sound quality and accessories. This is good value for the spend $200. You can bet these will make way into the best in-ear headphones list

Sennheiser IE80

Sennheiser is the best when it comes to delivering audio and sound quality along with a versatile design. The solid bass response with the venerable IE80 in-ear monitors is an exceptional earphone fitting the need of every music lover. You can customize the bass as per your moods and has replaceable cable in case you want to upgrade to mic and remote control cables. One of the most fascinating features of this Sennheiser IE80 is its 20 dB passive noise isolation that enables you to listen to every small detail. Multiple sizes of ear tips are available to suit your ears comfortably.

Sennheiser IE80 comes with two years of warranty along with the readily replacement of cables even after two years of purchase. The excellent sound gives you the live performance feel and customizes bass is the total catch. The Sennheiser IE80 earbuds do not create strictly audiophile quality sound, but they offer very agreeable performance for a price point just under $250. If you spend more time listening to music then these are the best for your ears.

Bose SoundSport in-ear Headphones

How can we miss the Bose? Bose is also listed in the best sound quality earphones for its SoundSport in-ear headphones.

This is an incredible addition to the list. Bose SoundSport ear-buds has three sizes of their “StayHear” tips designed for Comfort and stability. These are sweat resistant earbuds hence its great for work out session.

The sound quality of this earphones is beyond the average range and the soundstage is tuned to emphasize that make it perfect when you are using them at an outdoor place like trains, buses, and parks. It comes with an inbuilt mic and remote for a convenient swap between music and calls.

Bose has some really cool color options too like Green, frost, neon blue, Charcoal black, and power red. These earbuds come with a clothing pin to keep it intact in place.

Jaybird X3

Jaybird X3 is one of the best sound quality earphones for every music lovers and sport persons who drive themselves with music. This is the best choice when looking for a more balanced sound signature among the available option in the market.

A wide range of ear tips is available to pick the most comfortable piece for you. The design is ear friendly and stays fit in the canal with its ear wings saving them from falling off. The Build-in mic and remote works absolutely mind-blowing. Passive noise isolation is one more great feature added in the pros of the Jaybird X3. Bluetooth connection is also a pro feature and the battery life of the earphones is of 8 hours of playtime.

Audio quality is the best feature of these Bluetooth ear-buds for a balanced sound signature fans. This pair of earphones has got good bass and is a great choice for every user who loves to spend more time listening to music.

Beyerdynamic DX160 iE

If you have never heard Beyerdynamic headphones. Let me tell you this company has some really great Headphones collection suiting for every individual need. This is a German brand making terrific sound quality headphones though usually, the products are pretty pricey to afford.

We listed Beyerdynamic here for its Beyerdynamic DX160 iE model earphones. It is a great attempt to deliver more mainstream earphones at an affordable cost. This comes at a retail market price of $115.

There is also a cheaper version of the same earphones with a little lesser configuration and it is DX 120 iE that cost about $89 in the retail market. Both the models have an option of seven silicon tips varying in sizes.

DX160 iE has Neodymium HD acoustic drivers that give excellent and elaborated sound when listening. The cables are designed flat to stay tangle free. They are compatible with both Android and IOS.

Bowers & Wilkins C5 S2

Bowers & Wilkins are known to create the best sound quality earphones, speakers and headphones. Their products are reliable and come with advanced sound quality. B&W C5 series 2 is the reason we are adding these earphones in the best music quality earphone list.

The company claims to deliver a true sound and no distraction with this ear-bud.C5 S2 has a improved clarity, more openness, and tighter bass. This comes in three-button remote and mic compatible with the Apple phones only. The appealing design with adjustable secure loops ensuring the buds stay in the ears properly.

The sound quality is awesome and has the ohmic resistance up to 32 ohm.the drive units are redesigned for better sound quality, therefore, this is an amazing catch of $200.


These are the 7 best earphones with great music quality. Each of these earphones is designed to give you better music and sound experience. The above listing is done based on general ear-phone features and sound quality. If you wish to make an addition to the above earphones drop a comment and share your experience with us.

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