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Why High-Tech Car Might Still Need a Personalised Plate

You may know them as vanity plates or simply as something people like to spend money on, without a clear, apparent reason. But the trend of private plates has somehow transcended just the idea of showing off your car or wit; nowadays it’s an investment!

But are high-tech car still in need of a private plate? Well, this is mostly a choice that the owner has to make, but in our opinion, even a Ferrari looks better with a witty plate. Don’t you agree?

After all, one of the most expensive personalised plates is now resting on the bumper of a bad-ass car. The ‘25 O’, number plate is more than just a way for the owner to brag more about his speedy vehicle; it’s a setter of status and a fantastically clever investment.

In our opinion it’s not about the technical features of the car; it’s mostly about the mood of the owner and the message they are trying to send. This is why we thought it’s best to take a look at why the plates are just as important today, as they were a few decades ago when the DVLA gave drivers the green light.

Why do People still Buy Personalised Plates?

If you think that only the rich and the famous have been caught by the trend, you are terribly mistaken! Both the regular Joe and the big bad guys are into the personalised plate trend and there are several important reasons for this:


They are not called vanity plates for nothing! Yes, we love to brag about our cars, and this is absolutely normal (to a certain extent). Private plates give us a chance to show the world how special we are and set ourselves aside from the rest of the crowd.

A witty number, with references that are easily understood by a certain group of people make you an eccentric; and who doesn’t want to be that?

Good for Business

Bragging aside, private plates are a way to promote your business or personal brand. Even though we’re only talking about a few letters and numbers on an aluminium plate, when chosen wisely, the effect is remarkable.

A plate like ‘JU5T WED’ on a limo for rent would definitely attract more business from the wedding sector. The same would go for something to suggest parties or other event organization services. A personalised plate helps you keep the business right under your customers’ noses, reminding them you’re there.

A Nice Gift

If all else fails to impress you, 4D reg plates can make a nice gift. Let’s say you bought your kid one of the latest Tesla models. The car is in itself a statement for a cleaner environment, and it looks futuristic on the inside and outside. So, to make it a bit more personal we recommend getting a private plate that complements the car and makes the gift even more perfect.

But you don’t always have to provide the car – you can just buy the plates for a friend or a family member.

The Financial Aspect

If you don’t consider that a high-tech car needs to be promoted any further, private plates also have a financial aspect you may want to think about. They are a rather safe investment and it’s unlikely they will go out of style in the following decade.

Of course, there is a prototype for a high-tech number plate, but this doesn’t affect your investment. After all, the car number can be displayed regardless of the type of device (aluminium plate or LED screen).

The business of buying and selling various personalised plates is booming right now and you could get some side money to further invest in your high-tech car (that if you’re not looking to be more serious about this).


As you can see, private plates are not a transient trend, and regardless of the tech in your car, you may want to embrace the opportunity of showing off with a witty combination!

In our opinion, as long as mankind still finds pleasure in bragging about their cool stuff, they will find the idea of a personalised plate interesting. So, don’t be afraid to let your imagination fly high – you may actually find it enjoyable, regardless of the model of your car!

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