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Amazon leading enterprise in Web Hosting Services [Infographic]

For over a decade Amazon has been the leading company worldwide in providing web hosting services.

As the infographic made by shows, since 2002 AWS has grown to the largest online cloud computing provider.

Why Amazon?

Why not one of the other big names like Google, Microsoft, IBM, or Oracle?

The answer is simple: because they were first. As Andy Jassy, the AWS CEO said in an interview at the University of Washington, ‘[…] in some ways it was a classic case of disruption dynamics’. At the time, the competition simply didn’t believe there was enough market for it. It is fair to state now that it was worth pioneering it!

The reasons why a business should use Amazon for web hosting are:

  • Data centers worldwide
  • A broad CMS and development platform support
  • Flexible pricing models
  • Possibility to dynamically grow and shrink resources

Also: Amazon’s S3, Simple Storage Service, is designed in a way to deliver 99.999999999 % durability and performance, which was the reason why in 2013 the CIA chose AWS instead of IBM for their cloud storage.

As of October 2018, AWS is operating with businesses in an astounding 190 countries worldwide and they continue to attract various new customers. They plan to expand their online cloud to Bahrain, in the Middle East, for the first time, in 2019.

Due to the widespread and large scaled activities, the chance is big that you and I are using services on AWS’ platform. Dropbox, Netflix, Pinterest, and Adobe are just a few examples of companies using their cloud’s services.

For more interesting facts and examples of success stories, see the visual story below.

AWS Web Hosting Facts & Stats

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