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Apple Still Rules Mobile Industry [Amazing Infographics]

Back in 2007, Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, the mastermind salesperson, pitcher, and spokesman for the company, introduced the very first iPhone. At the time, there’s no way he could have known what a superstar it would be. At this point, the phone was simply called the iPhone. Later iterations of the phone would introduce a number after name, denoting the version of the phone, such as a 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 – a higher number meant it was newer. Some of their models featured a ‘c’ or ‘s’. These simply let you know if it was a less feature-laden model, often at a discounted price as well. However, in the 9 years since Apple fans were first introduced to the iPhone, they have done an amazing number of things, those done outside the smartphone market, in terms of computing and MP3’s notwithstanding. In terms of just raw sales data, the iPhone has really hit it out of the park.

Even now, they still crank out a pretty solid number of units. For instance, they sell about 26,935 iPhones every hour. This translates to about 633,476 a month, or 19 million a month. And that’s strictly talking about only the iPhones. This doesn’t factor any of the other devices, such as the iWatch, the iPad, iPod, or any computers into the number. It’s a pretty staggering feat. The smart play is that because the iPhone still has a very similar look and feel, they save money on R&D.

In that same hour that they sell 26,935 phones, 3 million apps are downloaded from the App Store. That’s 82 million a day, or 2 billion apps in a month. 900,000 songs are downloaded off of iTunes, going up to 22 million in one day, or 648 million in a month. Given that the typical single on iTunes costs $0.99, the company is certainly seeing green at the end of the month. And again, these figures don’t include videos or anything, that’s strictly songs off of iTunes.

Given these impressive sales stats, any rumours about the company falling by the wayside are certainly incorrect, and the company seems poised to keep on going up. With Coupon Machine, you can quickly add their real-time mobile infographics to your business model. The analytics the infographics allow you to easily see how certain sales data is trending, and adapt, instead of react, to it.

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