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Ways Brands Can Successfully Run their Digital Marketing Efforts During COVID-19

One must thank the Coronavirus for ‘normalizing’ our normal lives. It has done a good job in challenging our normally normal hood. Everyone has been hit by the virus in some way or the other. From wearing face masks to crazily sanitizing every little corner, well that’s how it has been for all of us. This is also the time when many businesses are facing many economic casualties. Many marketing plans and ambitions have come to a standstill because of the pandemic. Now is the time to look beyond the curtain of hopelessness and plan something new for your business.

The pandemic has witnessed a rise in the internet users. According to Forbes, internet usage has increased by 50-70%. Now is the time to exploit the internet for benefitting your business in the best possible way. You will need to tweak your digital marketing strategies a bit to get the results you want. You can consult a professional digital marketing company in Bangalore for better plans.

Here are some tips for making your digital marketing strategies adaptable to Covid-19:

1. Free Access to premium service/content

Make sure to do your bit by offering premium services for free to your customers. This is the best way to gain brand recognition and enhance brand loyalty. You will soon find more people wanting your benefits like never before. This strategy was adopted by companies like Apple TV plus that gave free access to their original TV series. Harvard University launched free online courses. This is the kind of stuff that spreads like wildfire and will get your business rolling.

2. Paid Ads

This can be a great strategy for you as paid ads are becoming cheaper with the increase in the internet traffic. Advertise your services as much as possible is this the best time to get more ROI. According to a source, ROIs have gone up from 31% to 53% for many people.

3. Email Marketing

Send your customers personalized emails about how your company is handling the crisis and what kind of services you are offering in these tough times using email marketing campaigns. Send blogs, newsletters, posts, advertisements and try to engage with them on a one-on-one basis. Don’t send automated emails that can’t be replied to. Always answer your customer’s doubts and queries on time. Use this opportunity to get feedback from others. You can ask customers to give their testimonials about your services.

4. Blogging

Blogging is the best, inexpensive marketing tactic that will get you a lot of ROI. Create catchy, engaging content that is relevant to the current scenario. Blog about some relevant issues at hand that people really want to hear about. If you do this on a regular basis, nothing can stop your website from getting to the top in Google search rankings.To get Better and more effective strategy you can hire an seo agency in Bangalore. Also, try to build connections with influencers and get them to blog on your website. This also increases the chance of gaining maximum organic traffic.

5. Backlinking

This is a technique that never fails at any time. Make sure to get backlinks from amazing, reputed websites and not spammy ones. The Googlebot reads your backlinks as well, so if you have got some really good ones, you are sure to get noticed! Make sure to not overuse backlinking otherwise Google won’t spare you for this. This will get you the brand awareness you wouldn’t get otherwise.

6. Local citations

This is the best way to give your business a boost if you actually own a physical store or something. This is especially relevant for people located within your business location. Get good, accurate and a large number of local citations from some reputable platforms, as this increases your ranking. Best technique to attract local traffic.

7. Diversify your audience

Make sure to get a good variety of audience from different parts of the world through international SEO. In this manner, you don’t rely on your native country’s audience alone. This will go on to increase your credibility and resourcefulness as a business owner.

8. Social Campaigns

This is the time to prove that all heroes don’t wear capes. Collaborate with NGOs and charity organizations for arranging donations for needy people. Get your customers involved by giving them the opportunity to volunteer for a good cause. Make it authentic so that people know how caring you are as a brand. People will praise your charitable efforts which will help your business gain some really good customers.


The pandemic is not everlasting, but for the time being, you should be able to get your business to get back on track. Always make sure to keep your customers in mind while re-strategizing your entire business. The effort will be worth it and your business will surely taste success.

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