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10 Fun Web Apps, Games, for Teaching Critical Thinking Skills

People can look for different types of web apps and games that can teach them critical thinking skills. Learning how to approach problem solving from a logical stand point can be a part of developing critical thinking skills. A person can use the format of apps and games to aid them in finding ways to solve problems that can increase their thinking ability.


A person can research different apps and games that can be appropriate for their particular interests. They can decide on the type they would like to place on their specific electronic device. Depending on the phone that they use, they can look at what apps are available for each operating system they use. These can include Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android phone operating systems. They can visit the app stores of both providers to find out more about various apps available by reading the description and then reading user reviews. Some apps can be available for free download while others might require a purchase. Looking at different themes, they could find apps that aid them in critical thinking while having fun.

1. Trivia (QuizUp)


Some people might enjoy using apps that involve answering trivia questions. Various options can be accessible depending on the type of information they focus on. Some will specialize in certain types of information such as cinema while others could have general knowledge trivia about a wide variety of subjects. This type of app can allow the person to test their knowledge and find out answers when they are not correct. In this way they could learn new things they didn’t know before using them.

2. Images (4 pics 1 word)


Some apps can show a person similar images and have them guess what the word is that most correctly unifies them. This can make a person think more deeply about what is being shown and try to create mental connections. This can aid them in focusing their mind on separate media formats from images to written answers. Taking time to think carefully, they can move forward in the game to more difficult levels. They can record their progress and determine how difficult it can become later in the game.

3. Reading (EBookDroid)


A person can review assorted apps that can make it easier to view written content on their phone. This can allow them to have access to a variety of topics to read about. They can use these types of apps to gain information while on the go. Having apps on their phone can allow people to access reading material when they are in places that they have to wait. Instead of just sitting there they can be doing something productive at the same time.

4. Vocabulary (VocabularyBuilder)


Certain apps can allow a person to increase their vocabulary in an entertaining way. They can review apps that provide the opportunity to form words and possibly compete with others in word challenges. This can be constructive form of competition to think about more complex words. This can allow the person to learn new words they could incorporate into their everyday life.

5. Math (Math Workout)


Some apps can use mathematical principles and apply them to a game format. The user can learn more about different areas of math and have a graphical interface to use. This can be an interesting way to move math into an entertaining format that people can learn from. In this way they can increase their mathematical knowledge.

6. Puzzle (JigSaw Puzzle)


People can research apps that provide puzzles to solve. This can enable them to develop their spatial relationship skills. They can work out how to move more random shapes into logical formats. This can aid them in developing their ability to process information.

7. Strategy (Clash of Clans)


People can research strategy games and play them independently or with others. This can be way to use their imagination and critical thinking skills to move forward in the game. They can visualize different scenarios they need to accomplish to solve challenges.

8. Design (Minecraft PocketEdition)


Some apps can allow a user to design different things. A person can research design themed apps to find subjects that interest them. They can use their thinking skills to develop new environment within the game. This can be a way to think critically while having fun.

9. Maze (Maze!)


People can review and look for apps that allow them to play maze themed games. They can need to find paths to leave the maze in unique ways. This can be a way to think about how to evaluate different options and decide on the most efficient choice. This can aid them in thinking logically.

10. Memory (Fast Memory – Brain Game)


Some themed apps can allow the person to implement their ability to memorize things. This can be a way to test out their memory in an entertaining way. They can record their efforts and look back over their previous attempts to see if they are improving. Having the ability to review their previous efforts can be a way to get an idea of their memorization skills and abilities.

People can use apps to pause from their daily work schedule and give their mind time to focus on something else in a constructive manner. Taking mini breaks throughout the day could allow them to have more overall concentration on their current assignments. Reviewing above, a person can get idea of different themed apps that could allow them to practice critical thinking while being entertained.


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