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What is Amazon Go?

Amazon, the world biggest online trading company, is going to set its foot in the supermarkets and stores. With its latest invention Amazon Go, Amazon is all set to change the dynamics of our routine grocery shopping. The CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos has announced to open Amazon’s first-ever physical store in Seattle, Washington to reach out its customers directly instead of asking them to login on their website.

This is not it, with this store, Amazon is going to test its unique product Amazon Go which is ready to rule the stores of brick and mortar too after the digital stores. Amazon Go which is the world’s most advanced shopping tech allows its users to do physical shopping without any registrations. With the Amazon Go, you just need to walk into the store, fill your cart with the things you want and walk out from the store without even paying anything on the counter. With the Amazon Go, you will remain on the move while shopping that is why Amazon named it Amazon Go.

How does it work?

Whenever you enter in the Amazon store, you have to scan your smartphone with Amazon Go app on display. This will allow the store surveillance system to detect the customer and keep tracking him as he moves in the store. According to the sources, the surveillance system of the store take the pictures of the customer as he moves his hand towards shelf and when the customer pick something from it. This helps the system to identify the product that customer is picking.

Effects of the app on retail market:

If the Amazon doesn’t allow the local or international stores to use his technology and persist in keeping using it in his own stores, then it would create a massive impact on the retail markets. One of the major issue that a buyer’s face is the checkout line which cost a lot of their time. With the Amazon Go, Amazon is saving that time of the buyers and making the shopping easier and faster for the buyers. This is a very high scaled technology which local retailer cannot afford, and he has to stick with the same old fashioned checkout system which can cost him a lot in his business.

Unanswered questions:

It is not like that Amazon has built something which is going to ease out each and every problem that the buyers are facing in the shopping stores and marts. There are still some questions that need to be answered by the Amazon. What if any shopper has to return what he purchased from the store a few days back. This is only possible in the traditional checkout system. What if someone hacks into the app or the surveillance system of the store and loot out the entire store without paying anything.

These are some of the issues that need to sort out and who knows when the Amazon Get launched officially, how many more issues it could face. Moreover, the history of tech giants launching any physical service hasn’t been great too if we take the example of Google Glass.


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