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Axis WDR Security Camera Solutions

Axis Communications has long delivered cutting-edge security camera technology and its Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) solutions are just the latest in a long line of security innovations. Designed to cover areas where there is a wide range between the darkest and brightest light levels within the image, the WDR options offered by Axis IP cameras allow for easier coverage of entryways, outdoor locations with direct sunlight, or filming in front of bright windows without sacrificing image quality. When installed by a professional security camera provider like Camera Security Now, WDR options provide unique solutions to meet your security needs by keeping dark areas more visible while enabling details in bright light to be rendered in crisp color. Let’s explore the various WDR solutions to help you capture better security camera video and keep your business safer.

Solution #1: Dynamic contrast

Utilizing advanced tone mapping, Dynamic Contrast is able to retain the darkest and brightest levels of any image, resulting in the retention of more details. Designed for areas with lots of motion, Dynamic Contrast solutions help improve the identification of objects within the frame by decreasing the bit depth of the image to a format that a computer screen can handle.

Solution #2: Dynamic capture

Another solution that Axis IP cameras use to extend their dynamic range is Dynamic Capture. Dynamic Capture works by taking several images in rapid succession, each at a different exposure level. The camera then creates a composite image where both the brightest and darkest levels are retained, providing a more detailed image than traditional cameras. Using the dual exposure method, Dynamic Capture enables accurate and clear capture of any scene no matter how wide the range of light and dark within the scene.

Solution #3: Forensic capture

Designed for top-tier forensic usability, Forensic Capture combines dual-exposure and local contrast enhancement methods to increase the image signal while lowering noise levels in the image. Even in scenes with very difficult lighting conditions, Forensic Capture is highly optimized to capture every detail in every scene, no matter how the range between dark and light areas.

Solution #4: Forensic WDR

The highest performance WDR solution on the market, Forensic WDR uses a combination of dual exposure and local contrast methods, much like Forensic Capture. However, Forensic WDR has been extended to include ultra-high-resolution cameras. Thanks to the advanced image processing algorithm used for Forensic WDR, clear images with vivid colors can be captured in scenes that share bright sunlight and dark shadows. Perfect for parking lots where headlights can often cause problems for traditional cameras, Forensic WDR is ideally suited for outdoor use or mixed lighting situations with a wide range of bright and dark areas.

A multitude of uses

Since WDR cameras are designed to mitigate the effects of strong light, they are ideally suited for use in office buildings, retail locations, and banks as these locations often have large glass windows and doors. In areas where lighting conditions can vary greatly at different points in the day or where headlights can interfere with traditional cameras, such as ATMs or parking lots, can also benefit from the installation of WDR cameras.

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