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Emergency Cold Storage Solutions

Imagine you have a restaurant or food business. You are receiving lots of customers and completing their orders effortlessly. All of a sudden, you notice your food cooling system has broken down and it is no longer refrigerating the food including dairy products, raw meat, beverage cans, and more. Now what?

You cannot ask your customers to leave your restaurant as your refrigerator isn’t working well. This will tarnish your business’ reputation. Unfortunately, all restaurants, cafes, and catering companies face such terrible situations at some point in their food business. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry as there are plenty of cold storage alternatives available for restaurants and catering businesses.

You only need to select the best option from the following cold storage solutions. That’s it! Call the company that sells the cold storage systems on rent and have the freezer set up at your event venue. Here we have mentioned a few affordable and effective refrigerator alternatives that will definitely come handy in an emergency.

Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerator containers come in multiple sizes. They are designed to cater to the unique requirements of the restaurants, cafes, food companies, and catering service providers. In addition to storing food, these containers can be used for storing a wide range of products such as pharmaceuticals and botanicals.

Whether you are planning to expand your current cold storage or searching for a quick alternative to your faulty fridge that has stopped functioning out of the blue. There are quite a few types of refrigerated containers for business units. The popular ones are Reefer Container and Mobile refrigerated Container.

Mega Cold Rooms

Mega storage units come packed with easy-to-maintain, simple-to-use, and advanced safety features. The temperature of the cold storage containers and rooms could vary from -40 degrees to 10 degrees, allowing the restaurant owner to stuff all types of food without having to worry about the temperature and food quality.

Apart from raw food, you could store cooked meals in the mega cold rooms. Mega cold rooms are available in multiple sizes, each one offering different capacities. Depending on your business requirements, you can opt for the super mega cold stores that have approx 300 pallet capacity. If you run a small catering agency, look for the basic cold storage that’s used for storing the regular products.

Chilled and Portable Trailers

Do you often need to serve people outdoors? If you are into the catering business and need to set up the food stalls at different locations, it is best to consider chilled and portable trailers. Specifically designed for restaurant businesses and catering companies, the refrigerated trailers keep your food fresh and cool for hours. You also get Cold packs for shipping food items.

You only need to plug it into the power supply to activate the system. That’s it! The temperature of the system will reduce automatically, allowing the restaurant owner to refrigerate all kinds of foods and beverages in no time.

Portable trailers are also used for transporting raw food and perishable ingredients that need to be kept clean and fresh all the time. If you are planning to cook meals at the event venue, you will need to transport the food ingredients to the location. Packing the ingredients in ice bags can turn out a pretty challenging job.

Moreover, ice bags melt super quickly. So, why take a risk and put all your food at stake? Find a professional company that rents chilled and portable trailers. Call them and have the system delivered at the venue.

Pharmaceutical Grade Cold Storage

You must have seen the pharmaceutical grade cold storage units installed at hospitals and pharmacies. Well, there are lots of sensitive pharma and medicinal products that need proper maintenance and accurate temperature.

For example, blood packages and certain medicines need a cold temperature. Considering the delicate nature of these items, pharmaceutical companies are provided with special cold storage truck-like units that preserve the freshness and temperature of the medical products.

There are quite a few types of pharmaceutical grade cold storage units available out there. You can choose the one based on your specific business and requirements. Some of the common pharma cold storage systems are Incubator stores, ATEX cold stores, close control freezer stores, chilled cold stores, and blast freezers.

Final Words

With plenty of cold storage options to choose from, people often find it overwhelming to pick the best one. Consider your requirements before picking an alternative to your cold storage system. Consider chilled trailers as they involve an easy and quick set-up process and offer the best results.


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