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Emergency COVID-19 Insurance Plans

The corona virus has taken all over the world and lots of people are suffering from it. There isn’t a cure or vaccination available yet due to the fact that this virus is unknown to the humankind. Many scientists are still working on it and hope to find it any time soon.

Taking care of your health during the pandemic can be really costly especially if you need to spend days in a hospital. The treatment itself can be very expensive as well and the post-treatment is not an exception either. Some countries even charge testing too!

Have you taken a look at the Medicare Supplement plans to check out whether your plan covers all of the COVID-19 expenses? Lots of emergency plans have been activated since the corona virus outbreak which will ensure that everyone’s getting the proper access to testing, treatment and of course prevention.



This plan includes lots of medical ads on TV since people are skipping their regular checks in order to keep themselves safe from the coronavirus and is offering free telehealth visits. They are addressing people with chronic illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases and preeclampsia at high-risk pregnancies. It’s also extending co-pay waivers and all member cost-sharing for all the complications that arise from COVID-19 or any treatments that has to do with this virus.


Cigna will set you free of the charges for testing, diagnosis and treatments. It’s providing you with free visits at your healthcare provider in the offices, emergency rooms or virtually. You will get free treatments until Oct 31, 2020.


If you have enrolled for the Alignment health plan you will have the chance to get all the COVID-19 screenings and tests for free. This plan has two main programs. The first one includes a personalized risk assessment tool and the second one will provide you with meals for two weeks in case you don’t have access to food. Thanks to this plan you can get in touch with a doctor via phone or video without having to leave your home and risk your health. It’s offering you some workout exercises for no cost too.

AllWays Health Partners

This plan has removed all of the deductibles, copayments and coinsurance for testing and treatments at in-network facilities. It includes free telemedicines services and it’s providing you with virtual visits with your health providers.


You don’t need prior authorization if you want free access to all of the COVID-19 diagnostic tests and more covered services with this healthcare plan. This program is also donating money to non-profit organizations that are lending a hand with food and masks to people affected with the virus.


It’s really important that you keep in track with your healthcare plans during the pandemic, so you can be sure that the costs won’t be hefty if the occasion for testing and treatment arises. Keep safe and I hope that we are going to go through all of this easily!

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