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3 Major Differences Between T-Mobile And Verizon Cell Phone Plans

Looking for a new cell phone provider? Here are the three key differences between two of the world’s biggest providers

As major phone plan providers, T-Mobile have thousands of plans on offer. To this end, we can only summaries some of the main differences between their plans and Verizon on a very generic level. Nevertheless, we persist.

If you are shopping for a new phone plan, you should think carefully before you commit to buy. A new phone plan usually sees you locked into a contract for at least 12 months, though some run to 18 months and even to 2 years. If you are desperate to choose one of the two between Verizon and T-Mobile, then we have all the information you need to be able to at least spot the differences.

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Visit to compare T-Mobile and Verizon cell phone plans further. Otherwise, let’s talk about the three main differences between one of the world’s leading cell phone plan providers and another.

The 3 Biggest differences Between Verizon and T-Mobile Phone Plans

Even though we have to generalize because each provider offers multiple phone plans, let’s try our best to examine the three biggest differences.

1 – Internet Connection Speeds

According to, one of the biggest differences between the two heavyweight providers, as they call them, is the speed. In general, plans from T-Mobile come with quicker internet speeds. Now we can pretend that’s not important when buying a mobile phone plan, but we all know that internet provision is one of the keys deciding factors in the modern-day purchase of a cell phone. If you don’t have fast internet speeds, there’s no point in buying. Especially not if that means that you are going to be stuck with slower internet for a two year long plan – or worse, for longer.

T-Mobile has the faster internet speeds. If internet provision is a deciding factor in your ability to use a phone plan effectively, then don’t choose Verizon.

2 – The Costs

According to the US News pages, T-Mobile also work out to be cheaper over time than plans with Verizon. Though, of course, this depends on the exact plan that you are taking out. Since both companies offer multiple plans for your cell phone, you will need to visit instore and ask which plan is cheapest from each provider. According to the media, the best priced is T-Mobile. That’s something to take into account if you are still in the early decision-making stages.

3 – The Network Coverage

We finally have an area where Verizon works best. That is, if you live in America. Anywhere else in the world, T-Mobile has better internet coverage. However, in the USA, Verizon has better coverage. If you live out with the states, you should consider a different company than Verizon, but if you live inside the USA and coverage is super important to you, then you should choose Verizon as your provider of choice.

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