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Welltory: A Health App that Finally Makes a Difference in Your Life

Stress, headache, and various other health problems are the legacy of a hectic modern lifestyle. Reclaiming your life back is one of the most challenging things to do. Millions of people struggle every day, practice all sorts of things without much success. The fact is, you cannot correct something unless you know what is wrong. You must also have stats and figures. It is where Welltory has helped millions. It is an app to measure much more than your performance. This health app can measure your energy levels and stress too. Besides, it will also provide you advice on stepping into and leading a healthy life.

So What Can Welltory Do For You?

This app can improve your mind, body, and well-being in many ways. Its includes:

  • Improved work performance
  • Better workout results
  • Fighting depression
  • Improved productivity
  • Build healthy habits
  • Improved sleep quality

As a health app also monitors your health conditions.

This review examines the key features of Welltory and how it can improve your health and life. It tracks not only heart rate and blood pressure. The best blood pressure app measures energy, stress, and reliance, helping you with meditation and nutrition. As a simple rule, it allows you to measure everything to take steps to manage your health. It can indeed give you hints on what to do.

Heart-Related Measurements

This app can measure heart rate variability by fingers touching the phone camera. It delivers 33 stats related to this measurement. Personalized details are shown and explained by the app. Heart rate variability or HRV is different from measuring just the heart rate. This app measures any variation in your heartbeat.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

There is an in-app monitor that continually monitors your blood pressure. Blood pressure is an essential measure of stress. This type is different from other apps in that it goes beyond just the mechanical reading. It also provides insights through 8 scientific metrics and heart rate variability measurements against each task.

Leverage the Power of AI

The app uses AI to track and monitor all of your vitals before providing health-focused insights. It helps you track your performance, follow practices that help maintain a healthy balance, and recover faster. It enables you to apply adaptive cardio zones and compares the effects of different workouts.

Overcome Stress & Fatigue with Deep Insights

It takes just a scan with your finger to get deep insights by this app. It supports a biofeedback connection verified by a self-learning algorithm.

Persistent stress and fatigue affect almost 3 in 4 working adults. The impact goes beyond how you feel. It can also reduce your immunity and how diseases affect you. Unfortunately, the nervous system gets used to it, and most people seem to feel it and expect to be stressed and tired.

Many apps measure stress. They assist you in managing your training and recovery. However, there has been no app that has effectively addressed the issue of stress in everyday life.

G:\Work HP\2021\Feb\3\training.jpg

All apps gather all sorts of data. However, they are not using most of that data to any effect. Welltory takes all the data and correlates it with your bio-profile, and determines which activities sap your energy and which ones restore it. It includes data such as:

  • Heart rate
  • Step count
  • Workouts
  • Sleep hours
  • Weight
  • Blood glucose
  • Blood pressure
  • Running distance
  • Mindfulness minutes

G:\Work HP\2021\Feb\3\Workout.jpg

The app helps you understand how making lifestyle changes can affect your stress and energy levels. These changes can include:

  • Meditation at specific times of the day
  • Dietary changes
  • Working from home

And much more. The app helps you determine which changes work and which ones need to drop.

Stress & Energy Measurements

G:\Work HP\2021\Feb\3\Stress and Energy levels.jpg

The pivotal function of the app is the analysis of human stress and energy. The application is in the public domain. It uses the same PPG technology as conventional pulse oximeters. Your phone’s camera will illuminate blood vessels to measure heart rate variability.

Heart rate variability (HRV) algorithms are used to evaluate your body’s stress, recovery recognition center, and autonomic nervous system. HRV is different from heart rate. It is a more useful metric because it includes all other signals required for measuring other health variables. A single measure of the fingertip can allow the app to learn about your stress and reserve energy levels.

Using Welltory

It is better to use the application before getting out of bed. The often checking will help the system determine your resting body readings and measure all vital functions. The support team assists users to take a regular measuring. It will also help in analyzing your sleep quality.

G:\Work HP\2021\Feb\3\Sleep.jpg

Other apps can take all sorts of health readings, but very few can record and assess stress levels. Stress is nothing less than a silent killer, and it can dangerously reach high levels without you realizing it. Do you feel tired more often? Do you have a hectic lifestyle? Do you have excess work and get very little rest? Welltory can undoubtedly help you make positive changes to your lifestyle.

The AI-based capabilities also make app work as an early warning indicator. It will alert you if your stress levels get abnormally high or your energy levels fall too low. You can then take a break to relax. The app also allows before and after readings. It will enable you to see the effects of different activities on your stress and energy levels.

You can even use this app to check the impact of different foods on your physiology. If you use it to measure before and after stress and energy levels for meditation, it will only confirm the practice’s positive benefits on your mind and body.


Welltory makes it possible for you to become the fittest version of yourself. It offers an easy-to-use interface and can sync with all mobile devices. It is compatible with Garmin, FitBit, MiFit, Withings, Oura, and more. It also connects with other apps to support all your activities. The health alerts are beneficial because you can also seek medical assistance if they are off the charts. It available with both iOS and Android platforms and can sync with over 120 data sources.

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