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How The Internet Of Things Change How Homes Work in 2022

Close your eyes. Now imagine living in a house where your fridge automatically detects when you are about to run out of milk and alerts you on your smartphone.

Imagine not having to switch on lights every morning when you wake up because one of your smart home devices has already done it for you.

Visualize a home that detects you are not there, locks your doors, and sends you a message to let you know.

The internet of things makes all of these things you’ve imagined, and more, possible. In this quick guide, we will take a look at different ways the Internet of things (IoT) can transform your home and make your life so much easier.

Green buildings

Over the last few decades, a lot of effort has been put towards sustainability. Companies and individuals alike have been working hard towards ensuring that the environment is least impacted positively by minimizing dumping and controlling waste.

Sadly, the construction industry is known to cause a lot of harm to the environment by contributing lots of solid waste and trash. The internet of things is here to change that.

With IoT, buildings are being specially constructed such that minimal waste is produced, hence reducing dumping. Also, this tech advancement has invented green bins that let you know when there’s food that is about to go bad in your smart home.

The Internet of Things further contributes greatly towards attaining energy-efficient homes that are also environmentally friendly. For example, some IoT-powered devices sense when you are out of the house and turn off lights in case you forgot to.

Security and privacy

The Internet of Things and home automation are now playing a more prominent role when it comes to enhancing home security. For example, some smart homes & several apartments are now implementing tech tools that can recognize owners, friends, and relatives, all thanks to IoT.

In the future, technologies such as video doorbells will be even smarter. They will not only inform homeowners when someone is at the door, but further let the homeowner know in detail what the person is doing, their previous visits to the house if any, and their visiting pattern. How smart can that be?

In the event you forget to lock your smart home, the Internet of Things is now able to lock and unlock doors for you remotely. In case of a burglary, your smart home will send you an alert on your smartphone and inform the police department instantly.

Entertainment systems

Home entertainment is quickly becoming a crucial part of home automation. Today, the internet of things makes it possible for you to stream music from any part of your smart home. You can further choose different music for the different rooms in your home.

Some advanced music systems can now be connected to smart bulbs which in turn dance to the beat of the music and create a calming mood for you. In the near future, IoT will make it possible for voice assistants to be able to identify different voices and play the music that is customized to each user.

In-home smart healthcare

In-home smart healthcare is geared toward lessening the stress on conventional healthcare. This is currently being achieved by different preventative measures like wearables.

For example, items such as smartwatches are designed to steer users towards a healthier lifestyle by monitoring hours slept, physical activity levels, and nutrition.

The Internet of Things will in the future make it possible for devices to provide preventative services. Users will be able to remotely connect with their healthcare providers and reduce hospital visits.

Finally, if you have an elderly person in your smart home, you will be able to alert a nurse when they need medical attention and even run a diagnosis from the comfort of your home.

Domestic robots

The most common domestic robots today are vacuum cleaners and land mowers. Thanks to The Internet of Things, we are about to see even more similar tools.

What’s more, these robots are bound to become smarter as technology advances and help with even more domestic chores.

In the future, smart homeowners will be able to focus only on hard-to-automate tasks and have domestic robots perform routine chores and repeatable maintenance work. If you live all by yourself in your home and crave some companionship, some of these robots will provide that for you.

Ready to take your smart home to the next level?

The Internet of Things combined with artificial intelligence is making things that seemed impossible a few years ago possible. As technology evolves, better, mind-blowing things are coming to our homes. How ready are you to embrace these new changes? Let us know your feedback in the comments.

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