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Top 10 Security Solutions for Small Businesses

Cyber attacks against companies with high profile, and even small businesses have spread like wildfire these days. With this reason, cyber security has become a major concern for any business’ online infrastructure. To save the vital data of your businesses, it is crucial to keep all your online resources free from viruses, spyware, worms and other unwanted programs. Often small businesses are those who lack required personal provisions and financial resources to secure themselves from these. This is because they consider themselves as less targeted ones by the hackers than the bigger ones. With this reason, they easily fall prey to these cyber criminals.

Here is a list of top 10 security solutions which would be of great help for any small business:

  1. Comodo

As a small business owner, you would definitely be looking for a cost effective security solution. Comodo is a best option for this. It is not only cost effective, it is reliable as well as, feature-rich. The providers offer free and affordable tools for the users. As a support for the small businesses, it also offers free internet security, free antivirus, free and paid SSL certificates, firewall protection, mobile device management, POS systems security and much more. Other special solutions include:

  • Comodo One – Company’s free IT management platform that features Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)
  • Patch Management and Service Desk – Keeps all in one place
  • Comodo Securebox -Shields apps from malware-infected devices
  • Comodo Advanced Endpoint – To automatically prevent malware from entering networks

If your business’ online resources are prone to or suspect DDoS attacks, NSFOCUS is the best solution. You can be assured of round-the-clock protection and defense against any DDoS attacks. The electronic equivalent power outages caused by DDoS attacks may affect your businesses for days or weeks, affecting its potential outcome.


Strong password is a vital tool for online security for all your web based accounts. Even passwords with pet name, spouse names and the related are not safe. What does for you is, it automatically generates strong passwords to save all your online accounts. It comes with a feature named ‘random password generator’ which automatically creates strong, alphanumeric, case-sensitive passwords up to 24 characters length.

  1. is powered by powered by National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA). It comes with a handful of tools to help small and mid-sized businesses’ customers, businesses and employees from any susceptible cyber attacks, data loss or web threats. It also gives provision to learn how to monitor threats and implement proper cyber security plans. Apart from these, you can also train your employees to rightly tackle any attack, as well as, bring hackers to justice through proper reporting, to recoup any loss.

  1. ESET

You can choose ESET if you are looking for a single security solution that covers all your online bases. Whether it is USB drives, mobile devices, computers or servers, it offers a range of security bundles to choose from. There are options to choose as per the size and type of your business, and type of products you choose. Features include but not limited to:

  • Endpoint security
  • Encryption
  • File security
  • Mobile security
  • Remote management
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Email security
  • Virtualization security
  1. Symantec

Symantec is known for its user-friendliness. With its advanced security features it provides maximum defense against any sort of electronic harm or data loss. The features that it comes with include:

  • Antivirus/antispyware
  • Virtualization support
  • Firewall and privacy protection
  • Data-loss prevention
  • Automated backups and fast disaster recovery
  • Email scanning and filtering to prevent data leaks
  1. CloudFlare

CloudFlare is quite affordable for any small business. This low cost web security solution defends against any malicious attacks on a website, including DoS attacks or SQL injections. With CloudFlare you get the privilege to block a wide range of IP addresses, setup firewalls, and enable SSL security. Literally, it functions as a guard dog by protecting your websites from any possible cyber attacks. Following are some important tasks it would perform for you:

  • Automatically detection of attacks
  • Blocks attacks and creates reports to keep you up to date
  • Determine legitimacy by assessing visitors, their reputations, IP addresses and related factors
  1. CSID

Just as any customers who fall prey to data theft, businesses are also highly at the risk of identity theft. CSID offers a comprehensive security solution by providing total security against malware attacks and fraudulent activities. Besides, it ensures that all transactions done by its users are fully safe and secure, by constant monitoring. For those businesses dealing with highly sensitive data, CSID offers advanced authentication methods through voice biometrics and global ID verification.

  1. HTTPS Everywhere

With HTTPS Everywhere, you can ensure that all your web browsing are safe and secure. HTTPS protection is generally limited for a few sites, while HTTPS Everywhere extends its protection to all sites that you access. This browser extension is open for all web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Android and Opera. It encrypts all communications as you browse through the websites. SSL certificates from GeoTrust is highly recommended to take your website from HTTP to HTTPS.


Last but not the least, is Though you have all security solutions in the world, and have no idea about its use, what is the use? is the right help for you. It is a complete guide for you to learn how to benefit from all your web security solutions. With this, you can efficiently train yourself and your employees to effectively tackle any cyber attacks and avoid cyber traps. It helps to you identify the risk areas and vulnerability that the cyber criminals may get unauthorized access to your online infrastructure. Both online and onsite training are provided.

Feature highlights include:

  • Training through social engineering
  • Mimic attacks
  • Risk assessment
  • Real life event tests

Web safety is a joint effort. Join your hands with the cyber security solution providers by utilizing the security resources they provide. Thereby, buildup a strong defense against any possible cyber crimes, meantime, keeps your small business secure forever.

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