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How to Promote Digital Transformation in The Workplace

Digital transformations are taking place throughout companies seeking to improve business processes and customer experiences in response to changing markets. Here, we show you the advantages of digital transformation when carried out the right way.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of transforming a business and its services to replace manual and non-digital processes with new digital technology.  It also includes moving older digital technology to new digital solutions, enabling greater efficiency via automation.  Modern digital technology offered by companies such as ebb3 allows for creative and innovative solutions and goes beyond simply enhancing or digitally supporting old methods.

What benefits can digital transformation have on a workplace?

  • A greater ability to allow efficient, flexible remote working. Greater system efficiency and consistency between devices can increase employee productivity levels.
  • Heavy processing work is done on powerful central servers, removing the need for individual high processing physical desktops. This, in itself, allows for cost savings on hardware purchases.
  • Increased data security. Your physical desktop data, when secured locally, is open to theft, mishaps and errors. Using a virtual desktop means data is securely stored on a central server, accessed via the cloud. You still have control over your intellectual property protection but remove the risk of damage or corruption you would have with a physical desktop.
  • Business technology can move beyond digitisation, not just to do old things faster but to change the way you do them. First and foremost, a business aims to enhance the customer experience, whether this is from new methods to speed up processing or production. Gaining insights into customer habits and demands will improve your customer interaction.
  • Digital transformations are also reshaping the way companies approach customer service. They could offer a chance to extend services to meet customers through multiple channels. Businesses making this choice may no longer be restricted only to in-person or telephone. They could use social media channels to offer advertising, marketing, sales and customer service in a way that meets their audience on platforms of their choice.

An Example of Digital Transformation

One example of digital transformation that is being undertaken is associated with the new drive from working in places other than the standard office. Services such as vGPU offer a fast, efficient, user-friendly means to access business systems from multiple locations, with user experience the same, no matter where or on what platform they access the system. Businesses gain a greater fluidity; no longer are there the constraints of working from one place on one format. It removes overload issues and ensures optimum performance when demand is high.

Virtual desktop solutions bring the power of GPUs to all devices via the cloud. Removing the need for individual high spec hardware for each user by creating a fast and efficient consistent desktop experience whatever access platform is useful for businesses that are finding more and more staff working from home. Performance is managed by a remote server, ensuring optimum, consistent access, which can significantly improve employee productivity and service levels.

Removing the need for much of your IT department’s hardware maintenance leaves them free to focus on software development.

Making the Transformation Work

Moving forward with a digital transformation of your business is a great choice. However, many companies fail to change the way that benefits them the most without an expert partner experienced in such transformations. This means they could miss opportunities to make innovative changes that harness digital technology’s power. Partnering with an expert digital transformation technology provider offers the best integration experience. It avoids many of the mistakes that businesses make when they choose to move forward with digital transformation.

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