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How a Company Can Benefit from a Sales Compensation Software

From budget planning to daily operations and people management, there are several aspects to running a business that, while necessary, can get quite tedious.

Fortunately, modern technology is at every business owner’s disposal. There are now applications and software that can help manage almost every facet of a business, from the most basic — like attendance management — to the quite complicated — like computing for performance-based bonuses.

For a sales-driven company, a software to compute for individual incentives and compensation plans is an invaluable tool. Primarily, it helps eliminate human error due to manual computations. Some products, like the sales compensation software from Iconixx, even include “what if” scenario analyses, which help tremendously in forecasting financial outcomes. But there’s a lot more to a sales compensation software than enabling easier, more hassle-free computations. Here are some of its more recognizable benefits:

A More Motivated Team

Sales compensation software usually incorporate methods to track the individual salesperson’s performance and quota, and how much they stand to earn should they hit or go beyond their targets.

Transparency and honesty is an important ingredient in gaining your employees’ trust. And when your employees trust that you will give them timely and fair compensation for their efforts, they will be more motivated to work with you in achieving the company’s sales goals.

On a more personal level, managers can also use the numbers provided by the software to know who among their team members need more assistance or mentoring.

Operational Efficiency

Not only can a sales compensation software help you determine how much to reward your best-performing employees, you can also make it easier for you to actually give out those rewards. For example, a team manager can have the incentives credited automatically to a sales person’s account once they reach their quota, complete with a transaction record.

You can also create and manage a personalized incentive system per employee, depending on their tenure or average sales per month. Several processes like increasing bonuses, setting goals, and allocating budgets can also be automated, reducing the possibilities of human error.

Optimized Decision Making

Numbers don’t lie. And with the consolidated numbers presented through the software, you have all the data you will need to make informed decisions. Whether it’s for promotions, goal setting, increasing incentives, or adding more people to your team, you will have a view of both the bigger picture and finer details for a more accurate decision process.

Budget and People Management

In relation to making easier, more accurate decisions, using a sales compensation software also aids in both budget and people management.

Because you can easily see whether you are reaching current targets, you can also adjust the way you are spending your money. Perhaps, you can invest on more ads or put more people on a certain location to boost numbers, for instance.

Meanwhile, based on target achievements, you can easily determine who among your team is underperforming, allowing you to make appropriate actions to improve their performance. For example, you can enroll them in a sales training course or have a more senior, better-performing team member handle mentoring and counseling.

The ultimate outcome of all these benefits is a more open, trusting business structure, where everyone can easily see what needs to be done in order to drive revenue and business success.

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