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Best Facebook Tips and Tricks You Cannot Miss

The Social Network scene has changed from the arrival of Facebook. The Facebook is now the Best Social Network in the world with billions of users. I am damn sure that you are also using Facebook in another tab of the browser. Facebook is a fantastic social networking website with lots of interesting features for connecting with others. But, we’ve found some interesting tricks and tips for using Facebook effectively.

Most of the Facebook users don’t know about these Facebook Tips and Tricks which may help them using the Social Network. That’s why, we are sharing some of the best Facebook Tips, Tricks, and Hacks, which will help you to manage your account on social networking site and connect with your friends.

Best Facebook Tips and Tricks

1. Create Fake Facebook Status Updates

You may be seen the Facebook Updates by Famous People and politicians on Troll Pages. They are not real but created for pure entertainment. You can create such Fake Facebook Status update for entertaining your friends.


To Create such Fake Facebook Status updates, you can use the site The Wall Machine is a WYSIWYG Editor to Create Fake Facebook Status Updates. You can just visit the Site, connect your Facebook account and start creating fake Facebook updates for pure entertainment purposes. It is a highly useful trick if you are the Administrator of Funny Facebook page.

2.  Stay Offline for Several Friends

For me, it is the most useful feature on the Facebook. There are many people on my friend list who keeps me annoying while I am online. Not like they are my enemies, but they are not pinging me on the right time. So, keep my status as offline for them, so they won’t know that I am online and surfing the Facebook.


To make your Status to Offline for few friends, find the Gear Icon, which is located at the Lower Right side of the Facebook Page and Click on it. Now, You’ll see the option to “Turn off Chat,” Click on it. Now, you can either Turn Off the Chat for all friends or Turn of For Few Friends. Click on “Turn off Chat for Only Some Friends”. After Selecting that Option, you can enter the name of the friend to Turn of the Chat for him. After entering the name, click on “Okay” button and you are now Offline for that friend.


3. Turn off Video Auto-Play in News Feed

The most annoying thing on Facebook is Auto Play of the Videos. I was annoyed when the Videos started to play without clicking the Play Button. But, I know the trick to turn off the Auto Play of Videos in Facebook NewsFeed.

To Turn Off the AutoPlay of videos in Facebook News Feed, you should open Facebook Settings > Click on the “Video” > And Turn Off the “Auto-Play Videos” option.

If you don’t want to Turn Off the Auto-Play, but want to change the Quality of Videos, then there is the option to change Video Quality from High Definition (HD) to Standard Definition (SD).

4.  Change Facebook Status Fonts

Have you seen your friends posting status updates with different fonts when there is no option to select a font in Facebook? Then they might be using third party website to change the font of their status. There is a website who helps users to Change the Status Font and then post it on Facebook.


If you want to change the Font of your Facebook Status, then you should check out the website. On, you can enter the Status you want to post, and it’ll convert into some funky fonts, which can be posted on Facebook. There are currently four interesting fonts available on the Site to post on Facebook.

5.  Create Single name Account

Creating a Single Name account on Facebook attracts everyone’s eyeball when you comment or like someone’s post. If you are interested in changing your Facebook account name to your First name, then follow this trick.

  1. First of all, use any Proxy software or Browser extension to change your IP to the Indonesian IP.

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  1. Now, open the Facebook Account Settings and change the Language to “Bahasa Indonesia” and click on “Save”.
  2. After changing the language, you have to edit your current profile name and remove the Last name. Now, you can edit your first name or leave it as it is and click “Save’.
  3. Congratulations, your Facebook Account now has Single Name.
  4. There is one restriction on the Facebook Name change. According to the policy, you cannot change the name for next 60 days.

Wrapping Up!

These are some of the best Facebook Tips and Tricks, which you can apply and enjoy the Social network with your friends. If you face any problem while using these Facebook Tricks, you can comment below, and I will help you.



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