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Meet Bibliotech, the Spotify-like Service for eTextbooks

For all of us who have been there, we know very well that one of the worst things about college is how expensive those textbooks are. As if the tuition fees were not enough, students still have the burden of getting their hands on those expensive books which, according to the National Association of College Stores, can add up to a total of over $650 annually.

What if there was a service that made it easy and, most importantly, cheap to get access to those textbooks? That is exactly what Bibliotech, an online platform that has been dubbed as “Spotify for eTextbooks”, does. Not only that, it features an institutional offer that can modernize the libraries of any university or entity alike.

Dave Sherwood, one of Bibliotech co-founders, decided to mature the idea after realizing that students were still too tied to the physical versions of textbooks, which are usually sold for prohibitive prices, not taking advantage of the e-reading market – something that is brilliantly solved by this platform.

With Bibliotech, students can find all the books they need without blowing up their bank accounts. With plans starting at £2.99 per month, students get unlimited access to all the books in the platform, which can be accessed via the platform’s app, available for desktop and also iOS and Android mobile systems.

But Bibliotech is not only focused on students, as it also features institutional offers, so that libraries can offer their book portfolio in a digital way. In fact, given that Bibliotech has partnered up with all major publishers, the only thing libraries need to use to use it is to send the list of books they want, and that is it.

Among the institutions already using Bibliotech we can find Oxford University and New York University, two major teaching institutions that undoubtedly raise the stakes for this platform. The market seems to be excited as well for this novelty, as Bibliotech has just managed to raise $4.2 million in investment, which will be used to grow the company’s offices in Chicago and London.

Because of the way it helps college students to not spend as much money on textbooks and modernize the library offering to institutions, being already utilized by renowned entities, Bibliotech has all the potential to become a serious game-changer on everyone’s path to a college degree.

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