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What Happens If Blockchain technology is applied to the voting system?

Over the years of the period, we have seen the technological advancements in every sector. Technology made our activities easier and secured. One among them is Blockchain technology. When we hear about blockchain technology, we mostly consider it for financial or banking system, but that’s not true. It is not only confined to limited areas. We have been observing the miracles of the blockchain in different sectors, that how blockchain is transforming industries. If it applied to the voting system, it could reap better results than the present system.

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Whenever elections occur in any country, we talk about the different gossips, such as rigging, fraud, and fake news. And we all know which it is an unsolved problem. To come out of this arena, we need a more significant change in our voting system. Here the place where blockchain comes into light.

Blockchain will bring transparency and accuracy in the electronic voting system

We can experience greater benefits by upgrading from traditional voting system to blockchain which gives greater transparency, and accuracy.

As we all well aware of blockchain how secured it is. Blockchain never allows anyone to vote twice, and no one can delete the votes due to its immutability. Once the election has been recorded in blockchain it gets stored securely, and it makes the process easier for counting purpose also. It will give ultimate results to the authorities to check the voting percentage or results at any point in time during voting.

Blockchain is an encrypted technology, so it is not possible for anybody to change the votes which have encrypted into blockchain. Meanwhile, it maintains transparency for the privacy of results.

Quicker results through blockchain

Blockchain not only encrypts the results it is more efficient in delivering the results also. In a traditional voting system, counting of votes is associated with different aspects, and it takes very long hours or sometimes even can takes days together to complete the counting process. And there are higher chances to commit errors by human and machines.

Imagine how do we feel, if we get the results after completion of elections instantly? It will give you the results after the end of votes without any delay. It would be awesome right! Blockchain will do this. It provides instant and efficient results without any delay after completion of election process. Blockchain eliminates the space for all kind of fraudulent activities where one can perform in between the election and counting period in the traditional system. The blockchain is more transparent and trustworthy.

The blockchain enables users to take information which is correct

The election process starts many days before the actual voting date, and we need to consider this period also for conducting elections in a right manner. Before the election date, we most likely see different news articles, discussions and social media posts sometimes provide false information or confuse the reader. It leaves a reader in a dilemma mode. To solve this problem blockchain will help us.

Blockchain possesses the capability to provide the right information by verifying and analyzing. It gives reliable information. It can act as a gateway to the report. If we store the sort of data on the blockchain, it will filter the data and finds the roots and analyses whether the author of a news article or social media post is genuine or not if not it will eliminate the information automatically. It serves as a stable source of data and against which news sources can be verified.

The blockchain can also be used for improving voting system in private organizations

It is clear that how blockchain transforms election process, and how we are reaping benefits from it. It must not be confined to only general elections it should also be extended to private companies and organizations.

Generally, private companies and organizations undergo the elections process for electing the board of directors and members of the organization. They could use blockchain technology to simplify, systemize, and to enhance the election process.

Many companies around the world are trying to implement it. Companies like Ethereum also started experimenting this blockchain in their organizations.

The technology is already here to make changes if governing bodies allow

It is not possible to get the results of the blockchain unless it is decided to implement by those in power. There are already so many countries and states around the world which are experimenting with the blockchain, hosting elections using blockchain, hosting elections and using blockchain to store and track the data.


The blockchain is a revolution in the technology world, it has changed the face of different industries, and we can also see its extension into some more. Blockchain will bring more transparency, accuracy, and efficiency if we implement it in an election process. It will decrease the costs which are associated with the traditional system of an election and gives solutions to some of the major vulnerable problems like corruption, and inequality.

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