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Published on May 23rd, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


Fight or Flight: Self-defense and Survival in Urban Conflicts

Modern life, even with all its culture, technology, and progress, still has some dangerous moments. You could be witness to a car accident while walking down the street. You could encounter a mugger on your way to or from work. How can you protect yourself from such dangers or increase your chances of survival?


Get Trained by Experts

You can’t learn self-defense on your own. There are teachers who have spent all their lives perfecting their craft, and their skill will allow you to gain a better awareness of your surroundings and sense danger when it’s near. There are local gyms that offer self-defense training for modern-day combat. You can start with a program that’s easy for your body, budget, and schedule. Just get your own equipment such as a kickboxing mouthguard and training gloves. You don’t want to share something that gets really soaked.


Whatever skill you want to use, you have to keep practicing it with your partner, your teacher, or yourself once you’ve learned the craft. Without practice and dedication, anything taught to you will be lost over time. Even the most skilled of artists and craftsmen know that the best way to achieve is to do.

Memorize Important Numbers

Combat and physical conflict are only part of the danger. You also need to remember emergency numbers and safe places when you’re running from an assailant or trying to rescue somebody. Learn all the local phone numbers of police, fire stations, and hospitals near your home so that you can always dial them up using any phones.

Have a Backup Phone

You can never be too sure what might happen to you and your smartphone. If you manage to get into a scuffle, your phone might get broken, leaving you without a connection to the digital world. If you have a backup or cloud service that lets you store your most important data, then you won’t have to regret losing all the precious videos, pictures, and documents that are important to you. Start saving your data now before you get any closer to losing it.

Secure Your Passwords


Another common danger in this world is that coming from the digital world. Hacking, deepfake, and identity theft are all crimes committed by people who have mastery over technology but have no connection to common decency. Keep your passwords secure by using complex but personal language, making them easy to recall. Unlike before, it’s also okay to write them down on paper. Considering how sophisticated hacking has become, the analog way of keeping notes has suddenly become safer. Remember to update or change them every three or four months. There are also technologies today that can get into your computer and use viruses to force any information out into the open.

Safety, security, and peace of mind – these ideals are part of society’s great desires. However, they won’t always be there for you, so you have to learn to protect yourself when you’re in danger. Start small and work your way to confidence and assurance.

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