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How to get US IP in India

Seed4Me VPN Proxy, the solution which will solve your problems if you’re residing anywhere around the globe, and for some reasons need to learn how to change IP from your country.

Mask your current location with a fake one (without physically going there!)

Doesn’t matter if you’re in USA, Canada, India or any other country, Seed4Me VPN will seed your location and you’ll achieve your goals anyway.

Download the app for: Android | iOS | Amazon Kindle

So this article is basically about

  • What’s a VPN and why you need it.
  • What’s Seed4Me VPN and how it can help you.
  • My Personal Experience (pro’s and con’s) with the app.

But before getting into the details, let’s start from the basics.

What’s a VPN and why you need one

Okay so the very first question that comes up to your mind is, What’s a VPN?  Which you probably already  know the answer to, or else you wouldn’t have been reading this post.

Still let me give you a better insight into the same.

A VPN is basically a third-party piece of software, that you can install on your device, to mask your internet location!

Now, what’s “internet location”, right? I should use “IP Address” to be more specific. IP address is basically a set of numbers, something that the govt. or anyone else can use to track the location from where you’re accessing the internet.

Just like your cell phones have a unique number, similarly everytime you connect to the internet, you’re registered via an unique IP addresses that can be used to track your location.

Why do You Need to Change it

Well there are enough reasons for it.

  • You want to be anonymous! Yeah, why should you let anyone know what’s your location, right? It’s basic human privacy instinct.
  • You want to access a blocked website: In many countries like China/Japan/Pakistan etc one or the other website is banned! Meaning you can’t access them from those countries! So what do you do when you need to access the sites? You change your IP address, right?
  • You’re chatting with someone (but do not want to give-away your location!): It does happen on the internet that anyone can basically get your physical destination with the help of your IP address, and obtaining it is pretty easy too. So it’s okay if you are a security nerd like me and want to be sure before revealing anything to the other person.

And many more….

What’s Seed4Me VPN and how can it help you

So I’ve talked about VPN’s, and I’ve talked about their need, right?

So putting those variables in this paragraph, the VPN (Seed4Me), will help you change your IP address and mask your internet location.

But hey, why ONLY seed4me? Is it the first of its kind service on the planet? Ofcourse nope! So why am I reviewing  it, out of the thousands of options available out there in the market.

Well, I’ll give you reasons, and enough of them too (trust me!)

#1: It has a FREE trial

A service, which is doing something as serious and major as hiding your location, is sure to work as intended?

What if I tell you you’re wrong?

You’re offered a free trial to evaluate it and test its effectiveness before you actually pay for a subscription.

#2: Huge “Positive” Response Already


Nothing explains a product better than real human, experience-based reviews, right? As you can see from the screenshot, it has a rating of 4.4 !

And that too from almost 5000 reviews! I’d say that’s an impressive figure!

#3: Ad-Free

The one thing that irritates me with Playstore apps is their “ads” thing! Every now and then they pop up and that kind of makes me want to throw away my cell phone!

Seed4Me understands this, and hence it’s totally ad-free!

#4: Choose from not just 1 or 2, but 15 different locations!

World Tour (atleast virtual) has never been this easier! You can technically be anywhere (again, virtually!) in as many as 15 different countries, without even leaving your room!

So in other words, Seed4me allows you to choose from 15 different countries as your location!

My Experience with Seed4Me VPN

#1: Downloading time and Size

So in order to download the app, I had to visit this link on my cell device. And then click on the install button.


It took me roughly 5 seconds to download the app on 4G. So I’d say that was fast.

Additionally, it’s less than 5MBs! That’s awesome, considering most of my games are 1GB+ and apps amount to around 50+ mb generally!

So yeah it’s light-weight and won’t eat up lot’s of space on your cell.

#2: User-Experience

Once I completed the download, I just had to tap on a “continue” button in order to reach the next screen.


The next screen was the “location selection screen”, I must say it took me around 3 tries to get the page to load up (despite being on 4G!).


Anyway,  as you can see you can even be in the US and make your virtual presence appear as if you’re in India! That’s how far the distances can be connected!

So I tapped on the “United States” as my location, and then finally just tapped on the connect button.


Done! It took me around 3-5 seconds to be connected. Hence I’d say the connecting time was impressive too.

Final Words

So that was everything I had on Seed4Me VPN and I’ve already shared my experiences with you, at the end of the day, I can only say that you shouldn’t miss trying Seed4Me VPN if you’re trying to hide your identity, or change it.

There is a free trial, and no registration is required initially either. I don’t think you’ve got anything to lose to try it out. I mean they aint charging you money or collecting e-mails or forcing you to click on ads, what more do you expect for “0.00$” ?

So yeah I’d say hit this Playstore link right away.

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