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4 Benefits of Pinless Calls

If you’re thinking about signing up for conference call features, you may want to look into the pinless option. These are four benefits to going pinless with your conference calls.

Save Time

Pinless calls are calls that neither you nor your attendants have to enter a pin number to access. One main benefit of such calls is that you can save time on your meeting. It usually takes five or 10 minutes for everyone to get signed in before the call can start. With the pinless option, your attendants will get on the call much faster, and you can breeze right through your conversation. It’s always a good thing to save time, as you can do so many things with the extra time you have. You can use it to have a Q&A session after the call. You can use it to administer some additional training to your workers, as well. It’s all up to you.

No Connection Fails

Many people miss conference calls because they fail to connect with the system initially. This is sometimes due to them entering an incorrect pin number. Some people lose their pin numbers and enter the wrong number when they try to guess. In some cases, a system glitch causes those people not to connect with the system. You can avoid all of those problematic happenings by investing in the pinless calling features. You’ll never lose someone because of frustration or incorrect credentials again. Everyone who is supposed to be on board at your meeting will be there, and you will accomplish the goals you set out to accomplish.

No Missed Attendants

Many meetings don’t get the number of attendants they’re supposed to because of lost or unsent pin numbers. Have you ever forgotten to send everyone an invitation to a meeting you were holding? Perhaps, you didn’t forget the invite, but you forgot to provide your callers with the special pin number they needed to access the meeting. Such callers usually fall into two categories. They don’t bother trying to attend the meeting at all, or they get frustrated and leave before they connect. You can avoid both of those issues by ensuring that your call is pinless.

More Convenient for Everyone

Using pinless conference calling will make your events more successful all-around. Many people like processes to be easy and hassle-free. Those people tend not to show up if they have to do any extra steps, such as entering a code. Using a pinless system will ensure that you will get the maximum number of participants to all of your conference calls. You can sign up for pinless calls and try it the next time you intend to plan a conference call. You can adapt it as a permanent measure if it works out well for you.

Many more reasons exist that should prompt you to give pinless conference calling a try. Sign up today and see how well it can work for you.

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