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Technology And Telecommunications Go Hand In Hand


All that helping men in their daily lives is termed as “Technology” or we can say the methods and systems applied to achieve some ease. The use of this technology has made the businesses and many other walks of life uncomplicated. Therefore it would be wrong to say that technology has no involvement in telecommunications. Without technology people in the old era were unable to communicate this casual. In fact, the services we have composed in our smartphones merely were so many different things some decades ago. For instance; watch, DVD, calling, TV, calendar, radio and many other functions which a smart have in it, were all different devices.

Is technology the basic unit of telecommunication?

Yes, we can justify technology as the basic unit of telecommunications because the first commercial telephone services were started in 1878-79 on both the sides of Atlantic. From there till date, all the changes and innovations were almost impossible without technology being installed in them. From a simple gadget to the big broadcasting companies, at each and every single point there is found some sort of technology.

Telecommunications are not merely important for businesses but also many businesses have initiated because of telecommunications. The businesses running under telecommunications consists of telephones, smartphones, satellites, computer networking, and radio etcetera. The business opportunities are increasing day by day; there is no end to the innovations. Saying best suits here says; the more sugar you add, the sweeter it becomes. Similarly, adding more technology comes with latest gadgets, their innovative functioning, and bringing additional business in the world of telecommunications.

Beside all these advancements, personal usage of telecommunications and social media is not less. The users are the makers of this industry. They have brought it to a point that now looking back is nearly impossible. Relatives have got connections staying in any country in the world.

Moreover, many moms are at ease to perform home-based jobs. The working hours have become flexible.

What has telecommunications achieved using technology?

The expertise enhancing telecommunications is all because of the fair use of technology. There can be a long list to mention the achievements of telecommunications, but to shorten them some of them are:

For businesses:

  1. Customer services
  2. Wireless gadgets
  3. Internet
  4. E-commerce
  5. Leading further/new businesses
  6. Better teamwork
  7. Cross-border businesses
  8. Live streaming programs
  9. Profiting businesses/ applications

For others:

  1. Video calls
  2. Home-based jobs
  3. News alerts
  4. Security measures
  5. High profiting jobs
  6. Strong communications
  7. Useful applications
  8. Advanced education

The business of telecommunications itself has a huge network all around the globe which does not shut for a single second. This world is moving at such a fast pace that those not using these means of telecommunications are left behind and becomes are hard to find them. A mobile phone from particularly has its importance, anyone not having it feels lost, because he becomes out of connectivity to his known people. It is now too trouble-free to chase or pinpoint people at a certain location.

Since every business is earning and developing, the British companies in this regard are not staying backward too. Britain’s Richard Alden has taken one of the telecommunications of Spain to a dominating level of achievement in the Spanish market during the tenure of the late 1990s and early 2000s. He was the founding director and CEO of the Spanish telecommunications firm ONO. In 2009, when he left the company, he had already reached the hearts of 1.9 million customers while earning the annual profits in billions of Euros. There are many such examples all over the world.


It is technically proved that technology has brought major changes in our lives. From personal to corporate practices, everyone is amazed and at ease after using these positive, revolutionary achievements which telecommunications’ have introduced to mankind.

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