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Published on November 8th, 2019 | by Marina Thomas


A Look at Effective Management of Product Images on an E-Commerce website

The choice of a profession is an essential factor in anyone’s life. Any wrong move over the selection of profession will disturb your career as well as your goals in life. Sometimes even if you choose a profession of your choice, but do not take necessary measurements to enrich it, even then one will fail in career. The profession of a web designer is one such challenging profession. Just having creativity and passion for it is not enough. One needs to study the market conditions and analyze what is actually required in the market as on date. Each requirement needs a special kind of treatment. Nowadays, E-Commerce websites have increased a lot, resulting in an increase in the challenges of a web designer.


E-commerce websites: The basic fact that makes an E-commerce website popular is successful online sales. An E-commerce website should be in such a way that both the buyer as well as the seller does not face any issues while transacting. Only when the products of the buyer are placed properly or in other words, they are linked properly; they will be able to give knowledge about the product along with its usage, price, and availability. With web design company New York, you can expect quality work.

They believe in satisfying both the buyer as well as the seller. One must remember that the images of the products are to be taken professionally and placed tactfully on the website. A good image always attracts potential customers. This is the prime responsibility of the web designer. An E-commerce website is a platform where lots of sellers try their luck. So, the web designer should accommodate everyone who is interested in promoting their products on that particular website.

How to manage product images?

SEO of any product is very important for a good business. So, managing it is a tactic which every web designer should practice. Some of the tips are mentioned below, which may help you in managing the product images and yet maintain the SEO levels.

  1. Create an image and name it in such a way that it identifies the product: Whenever an image of the product is created, the web designer should ensure that the file name contains the product name along with the brand name in it, it will be very easy to identify the products. For example, if the user is searching for the product “mobile phones” and the file name contains the brand name also along with the product, it will be easy to link the image file of the product. The more the link is clicked, the more you get ranks. Both the website as well the seller of the product gets the rankings simultaneously. Always ensure to have an alternate image file of the product giving the required details. In case the original file does not link at the right time, the alternate file can get linked automatically.
  2. Always ensure the required numbers of images of the product are placed on the website: One should not mistake that the more images of a product on the website increases the SEO ranks. The very idea may backfire, and the user may get irritated seeing so many of the product images without any clarity regarding the product availability. Whenever an image is placed on the website, ensure high-quality images along with complete details like its usage, price, availability, and discounts (if any) are given. Too many images may create a wrong impression.
  3. Unique images of the product: Ensure the product images placed on the website are unique and are not found on any other E-commerce website. If that is so, change the image of the product and see that an attractive image is placed. As the same image is seen by the user on all other E-commerce websites, he may ignore certain products. To create a sale, you must attract the user’s attention which is possible by a good image of the product. A web design company always takes a special precaution regarding this feature of uniqueness.
  4. Beware of images that are copyrighted: The profession of web designing also involves good photography. Sometimes, some web designer companies or individual professional photographers get the copyright license for their photographs or images. So, if you are planning to place any image of the product, always check if the image is being copied righted. If by chance it is copyrighted, there is 100% chance of a legal issue. To avoid the issue in SEO levels, always see that the image you are placing on the website does not create an issue for you at the end of the day.
  5. Image modification tools: In case you don’t have images of the products, you can always download the free images posted on the Google website, and by using the modification tools, you can edit the images accordingly. However, it is not advisable because any mistake in editing will damage the image of both- the product as well as the E-commerce website. Adding a white background to an image is also an effective way to edit a product image.
  6. Choose a file format which consumes less space: When the images are placed on the website, it consumes a lot of space as the file size will be more. So, when an image is saved, it is best if the file format JPEG is selected as it consumes less file size. One more benefit from this is that the image can be compressed or zipped as per the requirement. The only drawback it has is the clarity of the image when enlarged. The image may not look good, but it happens rarely.
  7. Captions to be included with the image: An ideal way of attracting the user’s attention is by providing a suitable caption for every image. The caption may contain the color or the size or any special discounts provided on the product. It has to be ensured that the number of words used for the caption is less, yet explain the whole product. This plays a twin role, as it creates the attention of the users as well as explains the specialty of the product.

There are such infinite ideas to increase the SEO levels by placing a good product image on E-Commerce Website. But it depends on the strategy made.

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