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How to Use Location Based Advertising With SMS

In the modern world, specialists have developed technologies to such limits that sometimes it is impossible to believe it. Most large and small businesses have innovated their brands, for which they have received unprecedented profits. Ask why?

Because they started targeting advertisements for their services to those people who are near their place of work. Location-based SMS advertising is gaining momentum and you’ve probably noticed at least once that passing by a popular establishment you immediately receive a reminder about it on your phone.

What Is location-based SMS advertising?

In fact, advertising with SMS is no big deal. Companies are connecting a function with which they can advertise their services to those people who are close to them. It can also work with a geographic region.

Most often, you receive an SMS from a cafe or beauty salon with a text that encourages the client to go and use the services, buy a product, sign an agreement, and much more.

This is very convenient for those businessmen who have branches in different parts of the country. Its employees launch geo-targeted and a person from a specific region is reminded of the event. At this time, the company’s management does not spend a lot of money on advertising campaigns throughout the country.

How it works

Sending promotional texts based on a subscriber’s location is of great benefit to companies all over the planet. They monitor the location of the person and if you are at the desired point, you will be cooled off by a small reminder that it is time to visit the establishment.

It happens so quickly that many people receive a text message in a couple of minutes. This type of advertising strategy is called LBA and it follows us everywhere, even if we don’t notice it.

A modern gadget user has more than once noticed that applications are asked to enable geolocation to improve their work.

Do not be afraid and condemn the advertising company, because it helps customers too. Nobody forces a person to go to an institution, but only tells him where there are good inexpensive dinners nearby.

By the way, it is worth noting that advertisers do not always use your location, because there are other interesting things in their arsenal:

  • postcode;
  • city ​​code;
  • mark on the photo.

But such points are not accurate and sometimes spend the customer’s money on location-based ads for people from other cities. Imagine opening a new restaurant in New York and wanting to share the event with all the residents.

Due to the shortcomings in the above points, you give the budget to those people who are not even in the metropolis now. For business owners, we would recommend regularly updating the listings and occasionally contacting clients to clarify their current location. Thus, both the customer and the client are satisfied.

Pros of LBA

In fact, we’ve already written many of the benefits of location-based SMS advertising just by describing it. But to make it clearer for readers, we have compiled a list of the pros of SMS location advertising.

  • Low price

Companies will do their best to save a good budget for an advertising campaign. For example, using the mailing list is expensive and outdated for a long time. Modern users simply will not understand such an act and are unlikely to use your services. With cheap place-based targeting, agencies can profitably lease keywords and send hundreds of text messages per month.

  • Relevance of the text message

Most often, the targeting mechanism works in such a way that it shows users ads based on their interests. And this means that your suggestions will not bother them, but will be extremely useful.

  • Increase in sales

Thanks to such a strategy, your business will gain large coverage on the Internet and improve statistics in a short time. Potential clients will know about your existence and will come to try interesting services.

  • Easy to use

You don’t need to have any special knowledge in this area to send promotional texts. There is information and even tutorials on the Internet on how to send SMS to your audience. It will take you an hour of work and a minimum of effort.

If you have never tried this type of marketing before, we strongly advise you to implement it.

Locating examples

For example, we will take a fast-food chain popular all over the world. A person walks by KFC, but today does not want to buy anything from it.

A few minutes later, a message comes to his phone that there are promotions or happy hours in this cafe.

Of course, the user is tempted, because of being close to delicious cheap food. He will come back and buy a juicy burger, unaware that he has fallen for a marketing ploy.

How do you set up location-based SMS advertising?

At the moment, there are 5 points that will help you set up an excellent newsletter and earn the attention of your audience.

Request customer location information via your web form?

Nowadays, companies often use a web survey to get the information they need from a client. When a person orders home delivery, he must write his phone number.

Use location-specific keywords

Geo-fencing is not necessary for businesses if they can navigate by keywords. A keyword is a word, phrase, or other combination of numbers and letters that allows people to receive your newsletter. Just ask the client to send a few words to the company number to get a discount and then your advertisers will receive his contact.

Use specific area codes

There are many applications that will give you a list of phone numbers from your city or even area. If you are unsure how to find information, contact BSG World and they will do the job for you.

Create workflow conversions

Don’t be afraid to ask potential audiences directly for their current location. Use the collected information about their work, postal code, and place of residence to send SMS when they most often come into contact with the gadget.

Use BSG marketing automation platform

In order not to waste precious time dealing with boring information, contact the specialists from the company BSG World, who in a few days will build you a whole network of SMS messages and set up your mailing list. They will help you take your business to the next level and make money.

Final Thoughts on LBA

If you competently ask the clients who have used your services for the information necessary for distribution, you will benefit and help the client see the advertisement that is of interest to him.

SMS targeting is a breakthrough in innovative technologies, so we recommend using it now! Go to the BSG World website and order the text message service and get the best help for your ad campaigns.

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