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Top 6 Ways Real Estate Agents Generate Listings

The biggest problem that new real estate agents face is getting listings. It’s not that agents don’t want to list their properties; it’s just that there are so many other people doing it too. That’s where these real estate marketing strategies come in. There are some pretty good methods for getting your listings out there without spending a fortune on marketing.

This can be done by using social media, leveraging referrals from your current customers, and using local advertisements. Learn what your competitors are doing wrong so you can grab the market share from them before they get ahead of you! We’ve put together this blog post with some of the top 7 ways real estate agents generate listings.

Ways Real Estate Agents Generate Listings

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1. Geo Farm a Neighborhood

Geographic farming is a method for going door-to-door in a specific area and offering your services to every homeowner. This can also be referred to as a “prospector” method since it revolves around seeking out potential leads rather than presenting your products or services to people who need them.

This method is so effective when generating listings because it gets your name out there and makes you seem like a knowledgeable real estate agent that is ready for the next step in their home-buying process. You will have to make many different calls, but it’s definitely worth the time and effort.

Remember that you’re not just trying to make contacts when your geo farm. You’re also trying to give people an incentive to call you when they find something they like.

2. Door Knocking

This may be the number one tactic that agents use to get new leads and generate new leads. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard real estate agents say they knock on at least 30 doors a day, five days a week. Some real estate agents even knock at more than 50 doors per day.

That’s a lot of doors to knock on. It may seem like it would take forever to knock on that many doors when there are only 168 hours in one week (don’t forget to sleep). However, the thing is that real estate agents aren’t knocking on all of those doors every day.

Instead, they target a few neighborhoods that they know are hot and have potential sellers. Real estate agents might ask their other local agents where they go to find these neighborhoods to get the most leads and generate new customers.

They might even look for the areas that have been recently selling homes to find out where these neighborhoods are. Once the neighborhood has been identified, it’s time to start knocking!

3. Call Expired Listings

Every real estate agent knows that expired listings are a goldmine. All of your competition will be interested in these listings because they’re in the market for a new home but do not know how to sell their current one.

If you’re looking for hot leads and updates on what’s happening in your local market, you need to be on top of expired listings. One way you can do this is by using expired listing update services. If you want to go the old school route and manually contact each agent, make sure that you send out as many follow-up postcards as possible.

4. Frequently Post on Social Media

You can utilize real estate social media marketing to establish authority as an agent and get prospective clients to reach out to you. Ultimately, what you’re doing by frequently posting on social media is getting people in your local area talking about you.

If your potential client doesn’t know who you are, they won’t be able to reach out to you or ask for help. It would help if you got them first, and the best way to do this is by frequently posting about real estate and using hashtags like #realestateagent or #real-estate in your posts.

This way, all of the other real estate agents in your area who are following these hashtags will see your posts and start following you!

5. Attending Network Events

Networking with other business people can lead to referrals and leads for you. It’s essential to attend as many networking events as possible and meet with people you might not usually meet.

You know who your competition is, so why don’t you go beyond that? This is where many potential clients get lost because they don’t want to take their business elsewhere.

If you’re going to go the extra mile, make sure that you create a good relationship with everyone who attends when you attend networking events. You can do this by making eye contact, giving a firm handshake, and asking them about themselves.

The more time you spend with each person before they leave the event, the more likely they will be to recommend you!

6. Build a Referral Database

Build relationships with vendors in your community and refer them to clients. They should reciprocate by referring your listings from their clients. The key to strategic referral marketing is to ensure that you have an organized system to track all of your referrals.

You should also keep track of the quantity and value that each referral brings you. It isn’t easy to take advantage of your referrals and make the most out of them without doing this.

There are a lot of systems on the internet that can help you with this, but you must build your database if you want to implement a successful referral campaign.


If you’re looking to become a real estate agent, you should be prepared to work hard. It would help if you were proactive and dedicated, going door-to-door or creating a database of leads. Any real estate agent can tell you that they need to be on the lookout for potential leaders to be successful.

You should never forget that business is an investment, and it takes time before things start taking off. Don’t expect overnight success as a real estate agent. If you have an established website and can use social media effectively, it will be easier for potential clients to find and reach out to you.

It will help if you make good use of the different services out there to generate leads and eventually turn those leads into transactions.

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