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How to Use Bark Collar without Hurting the Dogs

A bark collar is one of the effective ways to stop your dog’s barking. The thing you have to learn is how to use bark collar safely so it stops the bark as well as comfortable for the puppies. Read more about citronella bark collars on DoggieDesigner.

Read the Instructions 

It sounds cliche but this is the main thing you have to do before putting the collar from Custom K9 Heros to your lovely pet. By reading the instructions carefully, you will understand the way to operate the product before applying it. Each of the products has different features and system so you have to know it well first. So, let’s learn about bark collar while reading a bark collar review.

Make Sure that the Collar Works 

After reading the instructions, you can start to examine the parts. Just make sure that the collar and its properties work well. Don’t forget to attach the batteries to the remote or transmitter before testing the device.

Attach the Collar to the Dog’s Neck 

When all the features are working, start to attach the device to the pet’s neck. The collar has to be tight enough without disturbing the comfort of the dog. The way you attach the product is important so it doesn’t trigger breathing difficulty. It is also important to turn off the device and set the setting to the lowest option first. You must do it before attaching the device to the puppy’s neck.

Let Your Dog Get Used To It 

You may let the puppy use the collar first without turning on the system. Let them use the collar for a week until they get used to it before applying the system. When they start comfortable with the collar, you can turn on the device.

So, how do bark collar work? The device is supported by a microprocessor and anti-barking modes. The dog is warned with the first to beep sound. If your pets still bark, the device will start to vibrate.

If it doesn’t work, the collar gives a shock to the dog as a signal they are not allowed to bark. You can set the levels from the lowest to the highest but still, the setting is safe for the puppies.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Some dog owners may ask does bark collar work for whining. This product works for all types of barks including whining. You just set to the right level to warn the dog. Furthermore, they also ask are bark collars safe for puppies.

Yes, it is safe for puppies because the stimulation is not dangerous and the signal is designed for a dog. The stimulation will also stop for a few minutes to prevent overcorrection. You still have to praise when your dogs do something good such as when they stop bark because of the stimulation from the collar. Slowly but sure, they will understand that they have to stop to bark in a particular condition.

So, the point is that you can use bark collar, especially if the dogs bark and you can’t control it. Just choose the best one so it helps to control them well without hurting them at all and you can bring the dog anywhere you want.

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