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3 Tips to Enhance User Interaction in eCommerce

E-commerce is becoming a major site for online shopping and customer services. It has emerged as a main site for the buyers to invest and buy products. Even though there are some lope holes, they have made the customers reluctant in buying the products. The trend is increasing but the concerns stand there. The customers are not fully aware of the insight and still face problems due to lack of knowledge. Several studies have been conducted in order to analyze the flaws in this system.

After continuous research, it has been identified that an integrated framework if applied can do wonders. There are several options which can be a part of this framework and can help the customers as well as the developers to make this site work in a better way. Amazon encountered 44% of all the E-commerce sales in US in the year 2017. According to survey in 2018 the E-commerce sale constitutes the 10% of the total sale.

These studies have been very successful and able to identify some barriers too. this is a win-win situation as it is easy to overcome once they are highlighted. Therefore, this model for E-commerce has emerged as a perfect tool for evaluation and betterment of E-market worldwide.

User interaction framework designed in order to cooperate with the consumers and help the authorities to make betterment consist of many components. The ultimate goal of these components is to make a develop a better interaction between the site and the users. In this way, it will lead to a better economy with a great ratio of sale and purchase. If this model is implemented in the perfect way it will be a height of betterment for everyone. These parts are chosen wisely keeping in mind and observing the inclination of customers. After conducting the research, it is decided that the following things will make the working better.  This is leading a straight way to better E-consultancy.

Customer engagement in mind

It is very important in every marketing field. Customers are an integral part of every business. According to the research, 89% of the marketing depends upon customer support. Therefore, customer support is very important in every aspect. Therefore, the main focus should be on engaging the customers to make better sales. It is observed that the customers are lacking behind due to challenges they have to face online. This has become very tricky and loopholes have to be identified.

According to the surveys, 89% of the companies are adopting a story-driven engaging mechanism as the advertisement has failed to engage the customers. William Douglas has also narrated that it is not the advertisement but the story-driven customer engagement that will help the companies to sell their products. Content production is becoming an effective way to promote E-commerce sale and purchase.

Speech inputs

This has been providing a very effective way to facilitate customers using E-commerce websites. Speech inputs and outputs have become a better way to promote the E-marketing. This includes options like menu system. the studies have also shown that verbal communication is better than the advertisement. In this way, customers can know whatever they want to know. This will eradicate all of their doubts and help them to make a better choice. The speech outputs are also an integral part that will help to improve the condition of E-consultancy.

Gesture inputs

Gesture inputs on the E-commerce site are the height of technology but customer satisfaction is our main concern. After research among the 20 undergraduates in Brazil, it was calculated that they refer to “tactile interaction” more than the gesture one. Although the gesture input is not outdated completely but keeping in mind customer satisfaction it is very important to imply what is best for our customers. Keeping up with the customer’s expectations tactile interaction became more important than gesture inputs.

Interactive 3D presentation

This is a major aspect that will lead to a better trend towards E-commerce website. For a customer having full control over product presentation lead to better customer satisfaction. They get to know the product more effectively and help them make the right choice. According to the studies, 70% of the users have voted in favor of tactile and 3D presentation. They find it very attractive when the product is displayed in 3D, especially when the product is customizable like cuisine 3D. This shows the effort and interest of the company in the product.

Confirming the importance of 3D product presentation an experiment was designed for 20 individuals. They were shown the images of products in 2D and 3D. There was change in attitude of those individuals towards the 3D presentation. This certified the importance of application of this part of model.

Guerlain and Baume offer two software that helps to achieve all of these. Once the grip over all these aspects is stronger it is easier to promote customers engagement and better IT services. Encompassing all the main points will lead to a better economy and luxury industry. This is the era of online shopping and voice-controlled shopping. Therefore, it is important to engage such software for better E-marketing.

In this concern, the appointment of competent staff is also very important. It is the foremost requirement for better operation of E-market. Online customer personalization will add up to the economy.

Attention to the Luxury industry

It is very important for a better economy to have a proper E-setup and luxury industry. this will contribute to employment as well as better customer satisfaction. Therefore, software like Guerlain and Baume will form a firm E-commerce economy. This will offer better customization and image interactive activity to the clients. The challenges faced in the E-commerce website by the customers will only be resolved by introducing better visualizations and presentation of products.

This software is helping the E-commerce companies to provide betterment to their own clients. In this way, they are working directly and indirectly. This will lead to healthy voice-controlled shopping and client satisfaction.


In conclusion, this is the time to provide health online shopping with AI and AR. Better online connectivity will add up to the luxury industry, promoting our E-economy at every forum. Major pillars of the interaction framework model for Ecommerce will surely lead to better purchase and sale. After the interaction with the users and critical analysis, it is now formulated that speech inputs (and outputs) and 3D product presentation are surely the way out. Altogether this will lead to prominent customer service and the healthy economy adding to sales and purchase online which is the demand of this hour.

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