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Mobile App Trends Destine the Future of Mobile Apps in 2018

We see a drastic change in terms of technology and innovations, the demand for mobile apps is booming in the gadget industry & increasing every day. Smartphones are available at a cheaper and affordable rate. People are getting more craze to cope up with the existing market.

It has become a necessity for the youngsters to reach out to the latest gadget models. The stupendous inventions are taking all the attention of the people, and those are mobile apps. Wherever you are a part of any organization or company, mobile apps have become a very important strategy to enroll and reach out to the crazy mobile customers.

Thus, Mobile apps become a culture, and we are getting accustomed to it, from the spectrum of existing to upcoming innovative technologies.

Let us see which app trends destined the future of mobile apps development in 2018 and beyond.

IoT is Knocking the Doors

In the recent years, we have seen the concepts of a Smart Home, smart cities, the smart transport. These are gradually taking the mainstream. Right from health to education the work idea is changing, IoT apps have become a boom for all with the increasing demand for connecting things.

According to a census, in 2016 IoT will grow from 157.05 billion to 661.74 billion in 2021. Moreover, the census shows that the IoT devices are fully controlled by the smartphones. Thus, the growth of IoT means the growth of mobile apps and the demands shortly.

Wearable Devices Wearing the Future

Earlier, wearable devices were up to smartwatches. With the advent of technologies, smart bands, smart glasses & lenses, smart clothes, smart shoes and much more entered the market. The holy grails are the majority of wearable solutions heavily relying on mobile apps dedicated to those and connected with thin connectivity like Bluetooth.

Augmented Reality on Raise and Beating Virtual Reality in Market

When we augment the reality with virtual objects by superimposing it, the reality becomes sweet and consumable at personal as well as commercial level. Therefore, Augmented Reality (AR) game Pokémon Go became a legend in tech history with astounding success and opened the doors of opportunities to bring AR technology in mainstream rather than fixing it in the gaming industry.

Product presentation in retail and ecommerce, tourism & traveling, healthcare & fitness, and sports industry are successful and proven contenders of AR tech implementation.

Virtual Reality (VR) has already a big market and contributing to the entertainment industry, gaming, manufacturing, marketing, and many other domains where computer-generated simulations can add value. However, compared to VR, the AR has promiscuous future.

Fortunately, the role of mobiles and mobile apps are significant in both emerging technologies and AR favouring more use of mobile applications to support AR technologies.

Turn for Machines to Learn

Until today, our civilization and its march depending on learning abilities of humans, now it turns for the machine to learn itself and serve the human beings! With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) becomes a reality and robotics go up to compete with real human capacities.

These tech advancements have given birth to Siri, Prisma, and Cortana like voice assistants earlier and now shaping Chatbot technologies to push it to the next level. Fortunately, ML and associated technologies are mostly relying on mobile apps to function and operate. It brightens the future of mobile development further.

M-Commerce the Next Wave in Commerce

The easiest ways of making payments are using mobile apps on mobile devices that can be used while on the go. Most of the customers avoid cash payment as well as risky Internet payment methods.

Therefore, the shoppers have shifted to Apple pay and Google wallet and alike M-commerce payment methods for quick and secure payment.

It has awakened businesses to bet on M-commerce app development and cover their shifting customers by providing their favourite payment options.

Accelerate Your Ranking and Availability of Content via AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages is the invention and supported by Google Inc. It assures the fast loading, quick visibility, and best performance of your content in SERPs and on the web including social media. Thus, mobile app development community is banking on the AMP technologies and forces developers to get mastery over it.

Enterprises on the Road of BYOD

‘Bring your own Devices’ (BYOD) is only the practical solution for enterprise security, efficiency, and productivity while working with mobile devices is mandatory in this age.

The increased adoption of BYOD concept is pushing mobile developers hard to make apps cross-OS and device compatible in many respect, and only those developers will have success in grabbing the projects of enterprise, which have adopted BYOD.

Moving to Lazy Loading

Lazy loading pattern is mainly designed to initialize objects when required in a program. It can efficiently contribute to all the programming operations if it is used properly and effectively.

It is a dynamic function that allows a developer to determine what dependent files need not be loaded by default. It is usually on demand object loading rather than unnecessarily loading objects. Thus, it improves the rate of performance drastically and optimizes the mobile app screens for better user experiences.

Betting on Cloud Computing

The cloud technology helps to gather data quicker without effecting the internal phone memory. According to the Cisco VNI Global Mobile Forecast (2015-2020), cloud apps will drive 90% cloud traffic, and it will increase with x11 rate with a compound annual growth rate of 60%.

The promising future of cloud-based services for mobile apps and increased tendencies to use the cloud as a development platform offer a new direction for mobile app development industry.


With the details of the current trends, we can conclude that mobile app development industry is going to be more complex than was once. However, dealing with complexities demands high-end infrastructure and gathering of talents with collaborative traits.

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