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Published on March 15th, 2021 | by Sunit Nandi


How Gamers Can Unlock The Money-Making Potential Of Online Gaming

If you are a pro gamer, you can make a lot of money by winning online tournaments. But amateurs too can unlock new revenue streams with online gaming. Although playing games to make money is a relatively new concept for amateurs, you can make it big with better awareness of the right opportunities. They can help you generate regular passive income every month while doing something you love. Here are some ideas you can try to explore the money-making potential of gaming right now.

Content creation

Having some skill and knowledge of specific games gives you an advantage. You can combine your knowledge with good writing and create a gaming blog that answers queries and picks interesting trivia for avid gamers. Content creation is a smart way to build authority and monetize your blog with advertising. Just create engaging and informative pieces and post them regularly to have traffic and revenue flowing!


Another form of content creation is live streaming on channels like Twitch and YouTube. You can create walkthroughs of your gameplay and share them with a live audience. If your following is good enough, you can pocket a hefty sum every month in the form of ad revenue. Popular gamers can even grab endorsement offers from companies and make money by showcasing their skills.

Esports tournaments

As you gain experience and confidence, you can consider participating in esports tournaments to win big prizes. You can start small and pick pace as you participate in events regularly. There are opportunities like online gambling for those who rely on luck rather than skill to make money. Even as you play such games, you need to understand the stakes and risks to get lucrative returns without losing your money. There are lots of prizes to be won at these tournaments, and you can network and have fun too.

Game reviewing

Someone with a good following and authority as a gamer can make some extra bucks by posting game reviews. As a video game reviewer, you can build a passive income even without actively playing online games. You only need strong technical know-how and a channel or blog with a large following to get started. Revenues can come in the form of ads and subscriptions, while you can even work directly with gaming companies to promote their products.

Game testing

Another potential revenue stream you can pick is game testing. It is a smart choice because you get paid for playing new video games. Developers need to ensure that there aren’t any glitches and bugs within their games before launching them in the market. They require real people to test the games and find flaws in them. You can try your hand as a professional tester and collaborate with game development companies for regular projects.

Avid gamers have several money-making opportunities to explore. You only need to know what you are good at and look at the right places. Building the right connections and growing your network also sets you on the right track.

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