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10 Devices To Upgrade Your Home’s Technology

The evolution of the digital age has made life at home an entirely different experience than it was for our parents and grandparents. Nearly everything can connect to the internet, and several technological advances have made nearly everything we do easier, quicker and far more efficient.

Here’s a rundown of the latest technology that improves and upgrades life at home.

1. Solar Power

More than ever, homeowners are harnessing the power of solar energy to keep their houses up and running. No longer the expensive investment it once was, everything from small solar panels, grid tiered systems and even electronics powered with a single solar battery are proof that energy efficiency at home is on the rise.

2. Smart Speakers

Though capable of, as their name suggests, playing your entire music library, smart speakers have become today’s virtual assistants. Through these devices, you can compose grocery lists, control the lights in your home, set timers and even get in touch with anyone in your contact list with just a few voice-activated phrases.

3. Pet Cameras

Pet owners worried about leaving their four-legged family members at home for extended periods of time now have peace of mind thanks to this modern innovation. Pet cameras allow two-way communication with animals left at home while their owners are away, relieving challenging separation anxiety and even dispensing treats at the push of a button.

4. Robotic Vacuums

If you’re like most, your schedule is likely filled with tasks that demand your attention, and upkeep tasks like vacuuming fall lower on your priority list. Robotic vacuums are a compact, automated option to take care of small dust and debris on the floor, so homeowners have to break out the upright vacuum less.

5. Home Security Cameras

Wireless, motion-activated and voice-activated, today’s security cameras offer unparalleled technology that can be controlled from your own devices. Many even offer cloud storage for video captured while operating, so reviewing security footage becomes as painless as looking through pictures of your summer vacation.

6. Baby Monitors

Leaving a sleeping baby or toddler alone in their room while you step away to take care of other things is less nerve-wracking with today’s impressive monitors. Even while on the go, parents and caregivers can monitor their child via video coverage from their smartphone, and with some monitors, can even speak to their child through two-way audio capabilities.

7. Air Purifiers

Aggravating air particles can exacerbate respiratory conditions and cause allergies to flare up. Cleaner air, even for those without respiratory ailments, is associated with better overall health and wellness. Technological advancements in air purification technology has enabled even small air filters to screen pollutants and cleanse the air in your home, helping to support a healthier population overall.

8. Smart Refrigerators

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When it comes to grocery lists and perishable food inventories, smart refrigerators have you covered. These appliances can be programmed to keep track of refrigerator contents, expiration dates and even other lists you may need to keep your family’s schedule functioning smoothly.

9. Smart Locks

Forgetting your keys, or to lock the front door, no longer requires you to turn the car around. These locks allow you to open a door without using a key, whether by code or smartphone command to gain entry. Smart locks are the next step in home automation, as they enable homeowners to allow anyone entry in their home, as well as lock their doors remotely in case they had forgotten to on their way out.

10. Smart Thermostat

For maximum comfort in your home, a smart thermostat can be programmed with your unique schedule in mind, shutting off while you’re away and heating or cooling the house just in time for you to return from work. Many smart thermostats have capabilities to adjust during certain weather conditions or seasons, maintaining a balance between optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

The ability to control appliances and functions of your home from a single device is no longer science fiction — it’s a reality. With technology advancing even further, home automation is sure to reach new heights, making our time at home safer, more comfortable and impressively convenient.

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