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Why do companies choose to outsource software development?

Speed and control are the two most basic things that every startup needs to operate. Speed is vital in getting your product to the market quicker, while control allows you to harvest your gains. Now, when it comes to startup, speed and control are just substitutions. Developing your product isn’t the only important detail, but also managing your business, marketing it and running it is still vital.

There is no way you can be a software developer and at the same time be a good marketer. When you outsource software development, you can concentrate on developing and growing your business and at the same time saving you time that you would have used in marketing. You brand therefore remains in the hands of trustworthy and professional personnel.

You only need to focus your attention to running the business.

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Below are ten reasons why companies choose to outsource software development

Cost saving

The reason why most companies outsource is to reduce costs. With outsourcing, a company can reduce over 70% of the development cost that it could have incurred with the in-house development team. Therefore, outsourcing reduces your overhead costs while allowing you to produce and deliver successful brands.

Professional services

Unlike the past decades when outsourcing was wild, you could have been assigned a non-experienced developer; today, there are professional outsourcing companies. These companies are not only hired for help but also to be more like business partners.

You seek to build a long-term relationship with vendors that will ensure your project is done professionally and optimally; thus, you access services from skilled and experienced professionals.

Hire globally

Hiring in-person developer can be challenging. Sometimes, local developers are too rare, too under skilled or much expensive. Now, with e-sourcing, you have wide access to the global professional pool. You can hire any professional across the world.

E-sourcing allows you to choose professionals basing on the skill set, prices or work formulas. Use of Skype, slack, WebEx and other real-time communication tools have made it easy to keep in touch with them.

Time saving on support and maintenance

Software development is not a one-time thing project. It requires continuous maintenance and support. That is why software outsourcing needs to be a long-term engagement.

The outsourced company maintains the product, while you focus on marketing and getting customer feedback.

Working with a managed team

Your in-house team needs a manager, but with the outsourced team, everything is handled for you.

Outsourced teams usually have their supervisors. That is why it is always important to choose a trustworthy vendor. You don’t have to follow their performance. Instead, they keep updating you on the progress giving you time to focus on other important activities.

Risk mitigation

You mitigate risk when you outsource your development work to a company that has a high-tech project management system, while you avoid any risk involved. Therefore, the outsourced company gives continuous reviews and support about your brand which helps to keep your business on track.

Access the latest technology

Quality outsourcing companies pride in staying up-to-date development and marketing trends. They are familiar with the latest language, development tools and framework. They can also recommend the best option for your project.

Hire a team with technological skills, tools and resources to reduce the overhead costs and startup time. Time saving Time is of essence is the software industry. Every second matter. The more time you save, the better. When building a project on your own, time becomes a limitation. So, when you outsource software development team, you can focus your time on growing your business and product marketing.

Access experienced professionals

Outsourcing companies focus on developing quality products faster. To achieve that, they require experienced and quality developers. They know what works and what doesn’t. Experienced professionals make recommendations that suit your needs resulting to cost saving, better efficiency, stronger security and greater usability.

Flexibility and speed

The reason why most startups outsource is to gain flexibility and speed. It’s all about how fast you place your product in the market and how fast you adapt. Outsourcing companies help you to save time and cost by hiring a different team to handle your project.

When you make a long-term relationship, you gain more benefits from the dedicated team which stands with across the whole project.


Outsourcing is becoming a more popular industry today. To get the best deals, you must shop around carefully. It is important you seek a company that shares your objectives and a vendor that would want to see you grow and succeed. This website shortlisting top software development outsourcing companies in Vietnam to faster your purchasing process:

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