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How to Keep your Car Running in Top Condition

It is the desire of every car owner to have a mode of transport that gives him and his family safe and comfortable ride. All modern cars are marvels of engineering and made to give good performance for a long time to come. But they are made of components that undergo lots of wear and tear while running on roads. This is why all cars need periodic servicing and inspection to make sure they keep running in optimal condition for a long time period. Here are some top tips to make sure that your car remains in good shape. You are spared from not only mishaps but many other troubles like a hole in the wallet and frequent visits to the mechanic shop also.

Find the car manual and follow the recommended maintenance schedule

Do you remain envious of the fact that the car of Uncle Tom that he bought around the same time as you looks like new even today while your car has started to look old and rugged. The reason lies in the habit of Uncle Tom to take his car to the service center to get his car inspected and serviced according to the schedule recommended in his car manual whereas you forgot it after receiving the three free services from the dealer. You can easily prevent breakdowns and other minor troubles if you follow the service and maintenance schedule as recommended in the manual of your car. You can save a lot of money by getting small problems detected and rectified in time.

Check air pressure in the tires frequently

Many car owners ignore the air pressure in the tires of their car and keep running it even when this pressure has gone down dangerously low. If the tires are not inflated properly, your car consumes more gas in running the same distance. Also, more or less tire pressure leads to wear and tear of your expensive car tires. Treads made on the tires are there to give your car a better grip while plying on the roads. Improper air pressure can make tires lose these treads. Apart from air pressure, alignment of the wheels is also very important. Get wheels aligned after every few months or after specified mileage.

Keep the engine in good health

The engine of your car can be equated with your heart. Do not ignore signs of trouble in the engine of the car when you hear strange noises. Engine gives warning signals through idling that sounds rough and stalling at times. Whenever you experience something unusual with the engine of your car, get your car checked by a specialist immediately. A minor repair detected early on can be rectified easily and it also does not cost a lot of money. Remember that the most expensive repair of your car usually involves repair of its engine. So do take good care of the health of your car engine to make sure the car remains in good health all the time.

Check the level of oil and oil filter regularly

Most car owners forget to check the level of oil inside the engine and keep running their cars only to be told by the mechanic later on that their engines have been damaged. All car manufacturers recommend refilling engine oil every 3000 miles or so. So keep checking the oil level depending upon the miles you do with your car on a daily basis and replenish it if its level goes down below the critical point. Also, check the condition of the oil filters regularly if you want to protect the engine. These filters contain pads that become very dirty when car runs in the city and the suburbs. Clean the filters and get them changed when they become too dirty.

Find yourself a mechanic who is reliable

If you do not visit your car dealer after the warranty has expired because you think he charges high for his services, it is prudent to find a mechanic who has a solid reputation. If you have found a mechanic you can trust, you can keep your car in top running condition following his advice. Regular visits and checkups make him know your car inside out and he identifies problems at an early stage to rectify them before they become costly repairs.

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