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Track Your Assets Remotely with These GPS Tracking Devices

Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking devices is the most effective type of tracking used by consumers and businesses today. A GPS tracker is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the coordinates and location of its vehicle or device.

Location data will be collected and displayed on a digital map, letting remote users check the status of the vehicle, the estimated time to reach the destination and various other data such as which route was taken, traffic delays, roadblocks and diversions, etc.

Advancements in telematics and communication technology have made GPS tracking quite prevalent in today’s day and age. If you are a fleet manager that needs to keep an eye on a fleet of vehicles, GPS tracking device can improve the overall productivity of your fleet and give you peace of mind. When searching for a GPS tracking device, it’s best to first take a visit on reliable review sites like They provide detailed GPS and navigation product guides to further help you on your buying decision.

The Importance of GPS Fleet Tracking

Vehicle GPS tracking is an extremely advantageous tool that can be installed for your entire fleet. These tracking devices provide greater visibility of a vehicle’s whereabouts, other benefits of enabling GPS tracking are listed below.

Optimized Routes

GPS vehicle trackers enable the fleet manager to identify the location of a driver most closest to the job site. Thereby, cutting down travel time and increasing productivity. There are numerous GPS tracking solutions offered by companies that provide additional features which are as follows.

  • To identify opportunities and streamline them further, once the route is completed.
  • To evaluate driver performance trends and optimize future routes.
  • To provide route optimization tools for planning more efficient routes.
  • To provide tools for time-sensitive cargo dispatching for dispatch managers.
  • To improve the planned route versus actual route performance.

Improved Security

Enabling GPS vehicle tracking devices can increase the security of your fleet. Let’s say, if a vehicle gets stolen, the GPS tracker onboard can be accessed remotely to pinpoint the location and recover the stolen vehicle much faster.

Certain types of GPS tracking systems allow the user to set alerts and notifications in case the vehicle is used during off-hours or if it leaves a pre-designated area (Geofencing).

Happier Customers

Regardless of what cargo your fleet delivers, your customers will always expect a certain level of service, convenience and professionalism. GPS tracking devices provide the location of each vehicle and in some cases, the fleet management software will allow you to share the truck’s onroute details and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) directly with the customer.

Commonly known as ‘Live Sharing’, customers are informed with real-time location and ETA updates through a shared URL. This helps your fleet deliver a seamless and transparent experience to your customers.

Reduced Overall Costs

A GPS tracking device can help with your strategic planning and dispatching decisions, to create a more efficient route. These tracking devices aid fleet managers in making impactful cost-saving decisions and improving the fuel efficiency of their trucks.

Before You Purchase a GPS Tracking Device

A GPS fleet tracking device and software could be extremely useful for your business, if you deal in providing products and services to customers. It is important to consider the following before you choose a GPS tracking solution.

  • The Frequency of Location Data

Check if your fleet would benefit from real-time tracking and the desired frequency of location pings (every 10-30 seconds or every 5-10 minutes).

  • The Ease of Use

Check for a simplistic, straightforward dashboard user interface and whether employees would require training to use it.

  • Reliable Customer Support

Check the type of customer service you will need. Whether you want a provider who can handle troubleshooting remotely or one who has round the clock, 24/7 customer support.

  • Ease of Installation

Check the cost of installation for your fleet, the time required to complete the setup process and whether the installation will require extra manpower.

What is an Asset Tracking Software?

An asset tracking software is a type of software that enables businesses to track assets such as equipment, tools, vehicles and IT assets (company-owned laptops and smartphones) in real time. Fleet managers will find an asset tracking software immensely beneficial as it provides visibility into the location of powered and unpowered equipment, shipping containers, trailers, flatbeds, etc.

Apart from asset tracking, the software also enables fleet managers to login remotely to a centralized database containing information on the status of their assets. The 3 major benefits of an asset tracking solution are provided below.

Real-time Location Tracking

Asset tracking softwares allows fleets to access real-time location of an asset through GPS tracking. The ability to create customizable geofences (virtual borders around a specific area) is also an option for fleet managers to check assets in specific zones. If the asset leaves the geofenced area, a notification will be sent to the software. Fleet managers can easily detect any unauthorized use even when they are not present on site.

Inventory Management

Asset tracking softwares enables a fleet manager to automate and track their entire stock, assets and inventory. Through the software, equipment can be easily searched by name, type, location or a custom field. Fleets can use this location data to determine the exact location of an asset or to check if an asset is in range.

Improved Utilization

Assets are expensive to operate and manage, it is vital for fleet managers to understand if each asset is meeting their potential. Certain asset tracking softwares offer improved utilization solutions to streamline asset ratio and growth revenue by redeploying the underutilized assets in areas with higher demand.

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