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6 Myths Uncovered About Best Air Compressor

Compressors have changed the way we live today. They have changed the construction industry, the way we clean our homes, and the way industrial cleaning and production is made. However, there are myths about how compressors work how to choose the best air compressors. In this air compressor guide, we look at 6 myths about the best air compressors.


  1. Myth: You Can Use An Air Compressor Anywhere.

That is a myth because air compressors do not just make dirt disappear. Instead, they are used to dislodge dirt and dust particles from a surface. You, therefore, have to be careful how you use your compressor. You have to keep in mind that you are simply blowing off dust and dirt from one space to another. You therefore still have to be careful not to blow it towards other surface meant to be kept clean.

  1. Myth: Any Air Compressor Can Do the Job

That is a myth. The best air compressor should give you the option to vary the pressure of the air jet coming out of the nozzle. Otherwise, you will end up destroying some items with excessive air pressure. Some items such as electronics may need a soft jet that will dislodge dust without dislodging some of the electronic components that softly soldered onto the circuit boards.

Other surfaces such as a floor have dirt and dust particle that need a jet of air with enough pressure to dislodge particles from the floor. Road surface under construction also needs a strong jet of air from a powerful compressor to make sure that the asphalt material will bond well with the surface below it.

  1. Myth: Accelerated speeds promote Oil Carryover.

That is a myth because a low flow of air reduces the speed of the separator in the air compressor. On the other hand, boosted carryover is made possible by two factors, low pressure, and heat. No of them can cause speed drives to vary.

  1. Myth: Variable-speed Drives do not need Flow controllers.

While it is true that it is applications that run the gamut, it is the flow controller that gives most compressor systems the stability and pressure consistency needed for the to work optimally.

  1. Myth: Compressed Air Is Impure.

While some old compressed air systems used to deliver contaminated air, the modern air compressors store filter air before compressing it. In most cases, the air will be cleaner than the surrounding ambient air. Most of the cause of impurities in compressed air include poor maintenance, poor performance, and dirty air storage tanks.

  1. Myth: Aftermarket Parts Are Just As Good As Original Manufacturer Spare Parts.

That is a myth that could cost you your air compressor. Manufacturers have an intimate understanding of their equipment and parts that make it. They use materials that have equal resistance to wear and tear. That ensures that not part will cause excessive wear to the other components.

If you choose to use aftermarket spare parts, you risk voiding your warranty. You air compressor is also likely to break down other internal components that interact with the new spare party. Most aftermarket spare parts look similar to the original components but vary in the performance and compatibility.

Always use original spare parts to preserve the integrity of your air compressor.

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