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Writing Effective Job Postings Do’s and Don’ts

Social media posts, be it for a job or generic ones, have to be written in a specific way to make them impressionable. A job posting is a post that notifies about a vacancy in the company, so naturally, such posts have to be written in a particular style to gain interest from the targeted audience. Companies can use guaranteed free job posting sites in the USA or can manage to write their own job postings by considering some of the following Do’s and Don’ts affiliated with it.

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1. Make it Mobile Friendly

Nearly everyone that uses social media sees it on a mobile. While making such posts, keep in mind they should be mobile-friendly. Always load pictures and GIFs that can be easily opened and don’t take much time. A candidate will simply scroll down if the post takes time to load.

2. Give Details

The post should be able to give as much detail about the job as possible. A candidate should be able to know exactly what the company is looking for. It should include all the relevant experience and qualifications required for the job.

3. Details about the Future

Write job posts in a way that when the candidate reads them, they should be able to envision themselves working there. Also, mention what the future holds for them as this would be an excellent selling pitch and would definitely make the reader more interested.

4. Simple, Easy, and Interactive

Always keep the job posts simple so the candidate can easily read them. Also, the tone should be engaging, as this will hold the attention of the reader as well. While writing such posts, keep a conversational tone; this will make the post more interactive.

5. Make it Interesting

While searching for a job, a candidate will go through hundreds of posts that might be written professionally. Don’t be afraid to use catchy phrases, one-liners, or some other quirky idea that would make it unique.


1. Avoid Mistakes

Always check for mistakes before posting them online. Make it a point to proofread after you have written it, use online software, and eliminate those mistakes. A post with mistakes will hurt the image of your company and would make it less appealing.

2. Avoid Long Posts

These are the most common mistakes companies make while job posting. Avoid long posts at all costs; this is a sure-shot way for a candidate to completely ignore your posts no matter how well written they are. Similarly, avoid making the post confusing by adding too many details, as this is also not preferred by the user.

3. Avoid Negative Tone

A negative tone should be avoided at all costs. Since a job posting is basically selling your company to a potential candidate, a negative and formal tone will never look good on social media. Candidates will always prefer a post that is less formal and more casual.


Companies are becoming efficient in marketing through social media; human resource departments are finding new and innovative ways of finding the best candidate for the jobs. If done right, job posting can cut down additional costs of a company and save some valuable time as well.

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