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How to Make SEO Reselling Work for You

Are you a marketing firm that lacks an in-house SEO team? Not to worry – you can still offer your clients a full range of SEO services, with SEO reselling.

SEO reselling involves buying SEO services on a white label basis and then reselling them to your own clients under your own brand. Companies rebrand third-party products as their own all the time – it’s a way for companies to expand their product offerings, keep costs down for both themselves and consumers, and still offer quality products. When you resell white label SEO products, you’ll be able to make more money and spend more time on other core functions. Here’s how to make SEO reselling work for you.

Find a Good White Label SEO Agency

The success of your SEO products – and by extension the success of your company – will depend on the quality of the white label SEO company you choose to work with. Find a company that has good reviews on sites like Trustpilot, G2, Capterra, TrustRadius, and Better Business Bureau. Ask for case studies and examples of previous work to verify work quality. Make sure they use white hat SEO practices to boost your clients’ rankings, and make sure they offer good customer service, so you can offer good customer service to your clients in turn.

Sign a Contract

Before you start working with a white label SEO company, you’re going to sign an SEO resellers contract. The contract will give you a license to rebrand the white label products under your own brand. They’ll also assign intellectual property rights as appropriate, and may include a non-disclosure agreement. If you’re buying a monthly service package, the contact will also likely spell out how many hours of work you’re entitled to each month. Some companies may require you to commit to some number of months of service.

Pass Your Clients’ Orders to the SEO Agency

Once you’ve signed a contract, you can start sending your clients’ SEO work to the white label agency. SEO resellers typically talk with their clients about their SEO needs and then send a written brief to their white label SEO partners. There might be some back-and-forth as you clarify the client’s needs with the company. Then the SEO agency will decide what products or services your client needs to meet their goals, and they’ll give you a timeline for the campaign. Once the campaign timeline is scheduled the white label agency will begin working on it.

A white label SEO agency will offer all kinds of products and packages for SEO resellers. Every one of your clients probably doesn’t want a full SEO campaign, or a full reworking of their website, so you can mix and match which SEO services you buy for each client. If you just need SEO content for a client’s blog or social media, you can just buy the content and resell it to your client – a white label SEO agency can provide a regular stream of SEO content, including videos and text. Of course, there are lots of other SEO services a white label agency can provide, including link building, keyword research, and overall SEO strategy. Don’t be afraid to offer your clients complete SEO services.

Rebrand the Product and Sell It to Your Clients

When the white label SEO agency finishes a deliverable, you can simply rebrand it and sell it to your clients at enough of a markup to make it profitable. Many white label companies have the firms they provide deliverables for sign non-disclosure agreements to protect themselves and their client firms. This way, it’s less likely to get out that you’re using a white label SEO agency to do all your SEO work instead of hiring people to do it in-house. While white labeling is common in a number of industries, it’s not a practice that most people are aware of and it’s poorly understood, so you don’t want clients to have the chance to feel offended at your decision to outsource SEO work.

One of the benefits of reselling SEO services is that you can save a lot of money and that savings will be passed onto your clients. It’s a lot cheaper to buy SEO deliverables from a white label SEO agency than it is to create them in-house, and by keeping those costs down, you can keep your client list full of clients who want a good deal on high-quality SEO.

Reselling SEO works for a lot of marketing companies – and it’ll work for yours. You just have to give it a chance.


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