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Look at the 6 best Android apps for the tech-savvy smartphone user


A tech-savvy smartphone owner like you, who uses your phone it for surfing the web, reading news, playing games, commenting on social media more than calling and texting, will appreciate the usefulness of your little handset in everyday life. In most cases if even eliminates the need to walk up to a computer for everyday tasks. Today, I’m going to suggest a few apps to make your smartphone more functional, and a bit more special.

#1: ES File Explorer

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screenshot_2015-12-18-16-13-00.png screenshot_2015-12-18-16-13-37.png screenshot_2015-12-18-16-13-11.png screenshot_2015-12-18-16-13-17.png

ES File Explorer is the niftiest file manager I have ever used on Android. It lets you access and manage all types of files on your phone and tablet. Advanced explorer features are available if you have a rooted device. Not only that, it lets you access all network locations, like FTP, SFTP, Samba, etc. and cloud drives like Dropbox, Box, Mega, OneDrive, etc. It contains viewers for the most common file types, archive manager support, bluetooth explorer, cache cleaner and auto start manager. And finally, the cherry on top is the ability to turn your phone into an FTP server so that you can copy files to and from the phone from a PC over WiFi. This is a really good feature packed app and eliminates the need to have multiple apps. This is one app I’d never trade with anything else.

#2: DU Emoji Keyboard

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du_emoji_kb5 du_emoji_kb4 du_emoji_kb3 du_emoji_kb2

This is a cool easy-to-type on-screen keyboard with an addition: it features the whole set of emojis as inputs. With this keyboard you can use emojis everywhere and not just apps that provide emoji inputs. This means emojis on forms and e-mails too, not just social networking apps. Apart from that, it supports multiple languages and themeing/skinning. Overall, its a very handy keyboard for youngsters.

#3: DU Flashlight

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screenshot_2015-12-18-16-24-20.png screenshot_2015-12-18-16-24-27.png screenshot_2015-12-18-16-24-33.png screenshot_2015-12-18-16-25-07.png

This could be a very important app if your phone doesn’t have a flashlight feature or it could be a replacement for that if it has one. This app not provides the regular flashlight but also several other modes, like strobe light, police light, emergency light and screen light. This is a good app for emergencies.

#4: DU Privacy Vault

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This is an app lock, file lock and encrypted vault all rolled into one app. It protects accidental or unauthorized opening of apps using a password or pattern lock. It encrypts files like images and videos to prevent them from being leaked or stolen when falling into the wrong hands. It can also disguise your lockscreen to something else to discourage people from using your phone. Also, it protects itself from getting uninstalled without the phone owner’s permission, making it harder for people to disable the vault protection.

#5: DU Battery Saver

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DU Battery Saver provides assistive power management for your phone. The app monitors power consumption and predicts the amount of time the battery will sustain at the current rate. It has a one-click ‘Optimize’ button to terminate apps with heavy power consumption. It has presets to optimize power consumption while the phone or tablet is running, which are customizable to find the right balance of battery life and performance. The cool down feature works by systematically monitoring, managing, and disabling CPU-intensive apps in order to reduce phone temperature to a safe level and protect your hardware. The healthy charging manager tracks and implement healthy charging practices in different stages to keep your battery working its best. DU Battery Saver can extend your phone’s battery life by up to 50%.

#6: DU Speed Booster & Antivirus

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DU Speed Booster helps to clean up junk from your Android device and clear up blocked storage periodically to ensure that the device runs perfectly. It can concentrate system resources to thus provide a better gaming experience by makes it smoother and gives improving frame rate. DU Speed Booster speeds up your phone by 60%. The apps manager keeps the app storage space clutter-free without any temporary files. It can also move apps and files between your phone and SD card (Apps2SD) to free memory on your Android phone. Finally, we have the antivirus feature which can quickly scan apps and files on your phone to protect your device from viruses and trojans and check the permissions requested by each installed app, or review apps according to categorized permissions.


We hope you liked the collection of apps that we’ve suggested. If you are hungry for more apps, you can check out the whole suite of DU Apps. What are your favourite Android apps for the tech-savvy user? Let us know in the comments.

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