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A good branding multiplies your marketing efforts – Is it true?

A brand is more than just a form of your business’ identity, its design, or name. It is more than a term that defines a particular seller’s products and services, differentiating it from their competitors.

More than anything, a genuine brand is something that has a high degree of permanence in the minds of the people – it is something that has to evolve inside the hearts of your target audience continuously.

It needs to resonate with their beliefs and has to synchronize with their emotions and ideas perfectly. You see, your potential customers have a variety of options on their fingertips; there is plenty of competition, which is why you need to come up with something out-of-the-box, something unique to emotionally connect with your target audience.

When implementing different strategies to generate an ideal brand, it is vital to create something creative, never seen before, to etch yourself as an irreplaceable vendor.


Moreover, they understand that consumers trust and follow brands. They love brands and will be compelled by the inherent superiority of any brand to experience shopping from a trendy, reputed, creative, and sophisticated vendor. So much so that according to Harris Interactive’s Customer Experience Impact Report, 9 out of 10 consumers will happily pay more for excellent customer experience from a reliable brand.

5 elements of your business that cannot be identified solely as a ‘brand.’

  1. Your company’s name is not a brand – It is just a form of identity for your business or a product or service. You cannot call your name as your brand.
  2. Your logo is not your brand – Although a logo is one of the significant stepping-stones to enhance your branding, and it is crucial to opt for professional logo design services, it still cannot be called a brand.
  3. Your company brochures and business cards – Again, these are mere augmentations of your overall brand, not the brand itself.
  4. Your e-commerce website – The central purpose of a website is to streamline the incorporation of your business’ identity. It is a place where you can stem your online advertising and marketing from and to. A website is a powerful extension of your brand.
  5. A brand goes beyond what you say it is – Your brand is more than what and how you describe it, it is not about how you describe your brand, but it is all about what you do and the impact it has on your target audience. The capability to get your brand’s message across to the hearts and minds of the people is what a brand is. It is all about triggering an emotion, and compelling people to feel something about your brand.

Why it is necessary, you start caring about branding

In simple words, there are three things that you need to understand to prioritize branding and to make branding an essence of your online marketing. These are:

  • Your potential customers have a magnitude of choices – however, they don’t have a lot of time
  • The majority of businesses in the market that are offering similar products, services, features, and prices
  • Consumers tend to base their buying decision on trust

It goes without saying that as the amount of competition goes up, so will the number of choices people will have. That is essentially why so many top companies constantly try to maintain their brand’s emotional connection with their customers and potential customers. They do not want to be replaced. Take Coke Cola, for example, the brand needs no introduction, and people all over the world know about it. However, they still spend billions on marketing and branding.

You see, people easily fall in love with reputed and trusted brands; they believe brands are superior – and it doesn’t matter whether you are a start-up or a small business. If you manage to successfully create a strong perception of your brand amongst the masses, your brand will become superior.

Companies that invest their time and resources into creating a unique brand will always find it easier to explain how their products and services are different than their competitors. They will have a marketing campaign in line with their branding, which will enable them to prove that they do not copy other brands and features.

In today’s fast-paced digital markets, the choices consumers make don’t just have anything do with price or feature comparison; it is all about the type of symbolic attributes the brand provides.

You can’t just start marketing your goods and services right off the bat and expect a favorable outcome; you are going to have to first reassure your target audience why they should trust your company. And that is what branding is all about.

Some overwhelming benefits of brand investment

Added and authentic credibility

There are so many brands that you could probably think of right now – and it is also safe to say that you automatically assume that big brands can be trusted and are reliable. Why? Well, because they are big and well known. Investing in branding can significantly enhance your brand’s credibility by boosting its overall perception.

Your company will seem more grounded

There is no doubt that streamlined and analytical branding can quickly transform your small business into a Fortune 500 company, not in terms of money, but in terms of the perception people will have.

Branding helps businesses comply with standards and customer expectations

Today, branding is not something that you can leave at the side, that isn’t an option anymore. You have to invest in branding because consumers attach a great amount of expectations to all brands. They look for gold standards, and organizations that are not yet up to speed with branding, will not make it into the future.

Bottom Line

Consumer buying decisions no longer hinge on pricing alone. Living in a world with a plethora of options available at any given time, customers are in constant search for brands that resonate with their emotions, understand their pain points, their needs, and not just their wallets. Your branding must make this clear – it should help them decide why they should choose you and not your competition.

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